Thursday, August 6, 2009

~ First Nursery ~

" And don't forget, every little girl deserves to have her own mannequin...I'm jealous!!!.."
" Chunky shelf with accents and a great architectural piece with hangers...."

" Multi-tiered plate rack with just the right Frenchy colors...." Later it can be stacked with photos of the new arrival..."

" Here's the old screen door leading into the room. Did I forget to mention that that the ceiling is painted a great frenchy pink?..." And that's the covered closet door....."

" Yep, there's Great Grandmother's old rocker redone.....How about the awesome chunky shelf with all the goodies?....."

" Old vanity/dresser painted in satin black with the neatest stick on chandelier attached to the wall...."

" Twin size bed to the left...Love the colors and the pom pom edges....." How about the old black frame from an old vanity with a memory board created for the center......"

" This is just the beginning........Going from plain to pretty......For a sweet new grand daughter....."

" Let's start at the beginning. A sweet LITTLE square room with wooden floors. Add Lime green paint with pink and black accents......This room only shows that even the smallest rooms when done right can look much larger and fantastic. This room will also grow for the lucky lady because a twin size bed is also in the room......" The closet door was replaced with striped fabric to match the room so it can actually be tied back if you want to. The original door leading from the hallway was replaced with a neat old screen door. And what about the cute little matching drape on the screen door? Black baby bed? You bet! What an elegant color and really all the rage right now. Mannequins and glass blocks along with Great Grandmother's old rocking chair reupholstered in lime green leopard......" Love it !!!!!......

My lovely friend Barb is about to be a first time grandmother.....And since this is her first grandchild what better to celebrate HER arrival than with a new nursery. I took pictures several weeks ago of the befores, and now I have the afters....She has done a fantastic and colorful job with the precious room. I may have to do 2 blogs for you to fully get the scope of the fantastic ideas she came up with.......


  1. What an absolutely DARLING room.....what a lucky new little one!
    Would love to see a second post on this room.

  2. Thanks for capturing the transformation for us. I LOVE the color scheme...and the black furniture is so trendy and makes a real statement!

  3. Wow! I have that exact same fabric (both the French toile and the leopard) to do a room for Bella and Graycie's room in my home. I may just have to steal, I mean borrow some of these great ideas!

  4. Fabulous room! What a colours!

  5. Love it....I will have to tuck this idea in my baby drawer...the one that I have saved some sweet little things for a grandbaby someday.

  6. Hi Tiina
    Thanks for coming over and leaving such a nice comment. The pillows are for sale of course in the shop...I haven't put them up on the website. The website is a pain. Anyway they are 98 bucks and if you are interested just let me know I take all cc and I thank you for your interest. The award, you deserve I love your posts! We definately have the same taste. If you don't want to bother with it I understand but the way you get it is right click on it and make a file into your pictures, then post it like you do your other pictures. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. WOW!!
    And it's not cream, but super amazing. You should be making tons of money doing what you do best. I have admired your stuff for a while and your blog inspire me take a trip to Lonestar and Golightys just to see your room, Lynn's and Maggie Grace's (I'm on my 3rd trip already. I love all your cream, but I admit that I love a lot of color too. Your blog is good for me, it makes me feel like cleaning and decorating.Thanks and blessings, Marta.

  8. Love it! That is one of the best nursery designs yet!



  9. What a fun nursery & totally unique in color & theme. I love it!!!

  10. I am loving all that black. These pictures make me want a grand baby! ~Mindy

  11. gorgeous job with the room. How sweet for the new little grand daughter.

  12. I love all the black and the lively fabrics. Nice pictures and great job decorating. sandi

  13. Oh how I wish I was "that" baby!!! How very beautiful is that room! Congratulations!
    Smiles :0)!

  14. Love the nursery, Barb! And Congrats on becoming a new grandmother. I've been thinking of you some cute grandma names...since you are too young to be called "Granny!" lol I miss you, Tiina...come see us!

  15. I love the colors and fabrics you used! Thats one lucky little girl! Where did you find the stick on chandelier?