Friday, January 6, 2012

~ Oh Deer...~

Well, I had a moment before retirng to the bedroom. Have to work tomorrow so I thought I would show a little snapshot of my newest project. I hope all the animal lovers will not hate me. I have had a fascination with the beauty of a deer's face. Lately there are alot of magazines using taxidermy animals as decorating objects. I love animals and never thought in my wildest dreams I would purchase a Deer head and actually want to embellish it in my style. So I went for it! I wanted to be able to redress her for the seasons. The head piece is removable, and the lace is simply tied around her antler....


  1. i dig it. Might as well find them and make them pretty or comical or whatever. Taxidermy is art and 'animal rights folk' tend to be way too extreme anyway. i have been attracted to taxidermy more and more lately. A great BBQ bar/grill we frequent has some cool elk, deer,buffalo,bobcat, antelope, etc. i have a Northern that my grandpa caught in the 30's that i've embellished in "my own style" - i placed a Barbie leg in its mouth for that 'finishing touch.' Yes, a little "Jaws-like" but oh the fun of it all! :) You've got a great blog!

  2. I Like It! But just one thing,....She is a He! LOL How Fun!!

  3. She's just lovely. Did you give her a name? If not, maybe Fawn would be nice. I' think she looks so sweet with her head tilted like that. I've been looking for just the right white goose, I know 'Lucy' is out there somewhere just waiting to fly south to live in Texas.



  4. Your deer caught my attention, now this is the kind of dead animal I would want hanging on my wall. Newest follower stopping by from Creative Studio blog.

  5. And I thought I was the only one. I have a crystal teardrop from a chandelier hanging in the corner of a deer's eye that my husband shot and had mounted.

  6. I think (she?) looks so fetch in her elegant head gear. That's what you call making it your own!

  7. She's beautiful Tiina! Candace and Felicia were in yesterday and told me about your sweet deer head decor that you've been doing...just had to have a peek!

  8. I just love the deer with the bridal veil. She looks charming!

    Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

  9. I love deers. I hate it when people eat them but they do taste good.