Monday, September 10, 2012

~ Fall Is In The Air ~

The cooler weather is finally creeping upon us. Soon it will be Halloween and the holidays to follow. I adore this time of year with crisp cold air and hot soup!!! The Hico Antique Fair is Oct 12th &13th. A beautiful drive through the colorful Texas mountains leads you to this quaint town of Antiques and nostalgia...


  1. Hello Tiina
    God is good, I know people say that but it comes from my inner being. It is hard to go through some of the things that are put in front of us, but we are never alone and knowing this makes it possible. I pray that what I go through brings the Kingdom of Heaven to earth, that is people can see the glory of God in me. We are here for one reason and that is to learn and share the love of God, I pray this for you and those around me, that touch my world. Thank you so much for your heart felt words, I pray more of God's mercy and goodness on your life and may you dance in His glory today

  2. I love getting books with really nice covers and putting them around the house as decoration.