Saturday, October 31, 2009

~ Happy Halloween ~

" Not exactly Shabby Chic is she?......"

What does every 14 year old teenage girl aspire to be on Halloween? A Princess? A Witch? An old hollywood starlet? No- not mine.......How about Michael Myers from Halloween....What ever happened to the good ol days of clowns, princess's, and comic characters...?


  1. My g'daughter is Avril...what 7 year old even knows who she is???
    Thank goodness, there is a person (even a 14 year old). I thought those were the most real eyes I had ever "seen" on a mannequin!

  2. I agree...My tween boys wanted to be scary like their friends for Halloween. I gave in and let them. Thank goodness I have a 6 month old that I can dress however I want. My niece is almost 4 and she wanted to be a fisherman!? Oh well...not everyone wants to be princess' like us! LOL

  3. Too funny! I remember dressing up as a witch or a hobo. I guess things have changed a bit:).