Friday, June 11, 2010

~ Who's This ?...~

" After....."

" Before..."

Sometimes time slips by sooo fast that you never seem to have enough time to complete even the simplest tasks. Case in point: dear old Presley has been neglected to the point of no return. Massive matting to his ears led to a drastic overhaul. His get up and go got up and went! Along with his fur coat and ears. Oh well, at least we are able to start over and it will all grow back; and I bet he is sooo comfy without all that fur in this terrible heat. Our Poodle has become a new breed, wonder what we will call him with his new do?.....


  1. LOve that darling face~ before and after!

  2. That is a nice Summer hair do....sandi

  3. I would LOVE to shave off all my hair in this heat! I don't think I would look as cute though!

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  5. Too, too funny...we have a bijon-shitzu that looks just like this. I am always feeling terrible as he is the last on the list to get groomed, but when he does he looks just like your sweetie (only a bit embarassed for the first while!).

  6. Oh, she is so cute!! I love her new 'do, with the bufont on top and little pom-pom on her cute!
    Have a great weekend! ~ Jo

  7. Presley is just so cute with his new doo. I have two himalayans (sp? I should know how to spell my own cats breed;)that need the same thing done. I may leave a little ball at the end of their tail and some around their feet so that they look like little lions:)
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  8. What a cutie-pa-tootie!! My little fur babies went last week and got their summer hair do's. They seem much happier now :o)

  9. This little Dog is so cute - and her eyes like little black buttons.
    Congratulation for your very great blog - its a big inspiration - many regards from germany ad have a nice week

  10. I think she is adorable both ways!