Tuesday, November 16, 2010

~ Many Thanks...~

~ A Wonderful Surprise From My Friend Barb....~
~ ETSY....~

~ ETSY...~

~ ETSY...~

~ ETSY...~

Thank you so much for the well wishes.....Week 3 has now come and gone and feeling better everyday. Christmas is around the corner-it seems like I just said that, and another year has sailed by. Have been busy trying to figure out this years Thanksgiving dinner. I love to watch cooking shows and buy recipe books-why is it that I never use them? I attempt a new recipe every year. Dessert is the easiest, as everyone never has a problem eliminating a good dessert! Hmmm....Maybe the awesome Lemon Velvet Pie that is in Southern Living Magazine or the Roasted Vegetables that look so good in Better Homes and Gardens. Maybe I will try both!!! The leaves are turning color and the air is cool and crisp. If I am going to have a few "hot flashes" I am glad they are happening at this time of year...


  1. Hey girl thank you for entering the GiveAway over at my place. You are entitled to leave another comment for being a follower so try to make it back over with leaving a random comment. This way it will raise the bar on the chances to win. It will be a random calculated counter that will choose the winner :)

    See you soon and all your beauty! I think I am dreaming now in Galvanized metal :)

  2. I luv the face of the sweet doll and the gravy boat is just the right piece for the table for the ThanksGiving Dinner. Thanks for sharing....Julian

  3. Glad you are feeling better!
    Try an 'Eton Mess' for dessert! Truely disgusting!!!!! Cream, Merange(?-how do you spell that) and berries!!!

  4. Hi sweet Tiina!!! I'm so glad you are feeling better an on the mend...just in time for the holidays too ~ please keep taking care of yourself sweet friend!!! hugs and love, Dawn

  5. Don't we just HATE being "down"....and not feeling well ?
    GLAD you are doing so much better now.
    Enjoying the music here. ( OUT OF AFRICA)

    LOVE the doll...she is just like the one I had when I was little....have no idea what happend to her.

    Have a great Thanksgiving !


  6. So happy you are feeling better!!

    I love your Etsy additions...just beautiful!

  7. Happy to hear that you are doing better!!! Yeah, good news!
    Love the transfer ware!!!!
    Margaret B

  8. Hello
    Glad to know you are better.
    I am cooking Thanksgiving again this year, but with my crew I have to stay to the traditions - one year I changed up the corn and I still get flack over it.
    It is such a great time of year