Saturday, November 27, 2010

~ Out and About...~

~ My Muslin Rag Wreaths for ETSY of course...~
~ Project in the Making...~

~ Wonderful Old Books on my ETSY...~

~ Fantastic Pr of Lamps Found on One of My Shopping Fits....~

Well, I am the poster child for shopping deprivation. I finally feel good and out I go to shop. Is that an illness as well? I have to say it sure makes me feel better. Slowly adding to my kitchen hutch goodies. Thinking about what Christmas decorations to start with. Would love love love to get a cream colored tree. Where did they all go? Used to be able to find them at Thrift Town or Goodwill. I guess I am not the only one looking for them. Began making muslin rag wreaths again-I do love the natural muslin color. The neighborhood here is already filled with Christmas lights and colors. I love this time of year, especially when one is feeling well.....


  1. Shopping always makes me feel better that some kinda illness? Hope not...if so, I dont want to be cured...Love your wreath and your entire blog. Thanx for sharing! Tiff

  2. I call shopping "Retail Therapy"! It is a cure for all! LOVE YOUR WREATH !!
    cathy aka GGJ

  3. Yea, I found a new blog! Just when I think I have found all of the good ones, I find another! I love your muslin wreath. I did not find a cream tree, but I did find a white one at a thrift store, and got it decorated today. I am your newest follower.


  4. Love the wreaths,and yes let me know if you find a place that sells cream trees! Hugs Marilou

  5. Love the rag wreath and the child bust, love it all. Yep, shopping is the best therapy that I know of!


  6. I just adore your wreaths! Glad you were feeling better and got to get out and about!