Saturday, September 26, 2009

~ A Chic Boutique ~

" Who says fashion has to be boring....."
" The colors and textiles of lace and silks in a dreamy cream color....."

" Antiques mixed with clothes...What a great idea..."

" I'm loving the huge chandelier...."

There's a new look in guessed it-at Lone Star Antiques. Even though clothes are not antiques, they can sure make you feel like they are just by looking at their colors and textures. And what is the grandest color? Cream of course!!!! Jennifer has outdone herself with completing this huge task in the far back of the mall. The huge chandelier and wonderful old counter invites you to come in and start trying on the clothes and accessories. Take a peek and tell me if you don't think the colors go right along with our favorite neutral colors.....


  1. These clothes are freaking gorgeous!!! Can I take one of each????

  2. Beautiful! Love all the clothes. I haven't been to Lone Star in at least 2 months. Oh My! Have a good week.

  3. Tiina, tell Jennifer I said Kudos! Love the look of the soft creamy wearables with the vintage and antiques, as you know vintage clothing is one of my forte`s. Your pics look great as usual!*hugs*Maureen

  4. What a beautiful shop! I love the lacy clothes!

  5. I'll take one of each as well please! I LOVE cream or white lacy clothes! It just makes you feel pretty! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Ok, I'm ready to start trying each piece on! They are all so gorgeous-I don't how I'd choose!



  7. WOW how beautiful, love it all...I want to be there now.

  8. This is very nice, and I think It's a good idea mixing clothes with the other stuff. From what I can see those lace tops or Jackets is something I would be interested in. Anyways I say throw it all in if it all goes together, why not.... I think its more exciting!!

  9. I had vintage clothing in my little shop once and brought several hats home... they were such ity bity folks... size 4 high heels, tiny little heads for hats...I would look like a giant and I am average size...they were such sturdy people too...I wouldn't last with out central heat and air alone much less the other hardships. We are so spoiled. I am grateful I was born in modern technology. Speaking of which who is the woman following you with crossed eyes...gotta go see.

  10. I so love that shabby chic look you have here in your pictures! Your blog is beautiful!

  11. Hello
    Beautiful clothes...are they vintage or inspired vintage? They look amazing
    Thanks for sharing and I love the new name of your other blog!!!

  12. I was in Lone Star last month & wondered hwat they were doing in the I know. ;o)That bar is amazing!