Tuesday, September 15, 2009

~ A Few of My Favorite Things....~

Wow have the weeks flown or what? I can't keep track of the days, and with all this rain I feel like I have been majorly house bound. Love the cooler temps though. Perhaps I will get motivated once again in the booth aspect of my life. I have spent so many hours painting the kitchen and other parts of the house that I feel I have neglected my other passion-the booth! If the rain would be so kind as to disappear for a while I think we can all get busy again painting and scraping and staining. Round Top is around the corner and I have dreamed of going forever. I hope I can make it this year!!! In the mean time I took a few pictures of some of my treasures around the house. You know, those beautiful little trinkets that you just can't live without. Other people may not understand our deep affection for these things-but who cares.......You only live once...........


  1. Just sending a quick hug. Glad you know that your special things don't have to be top on anyone else's list. BTW they ARE fantastic!
    Have a super week!
    Betty :)

  2. They look pretty special to me! I love the cross and the pearls, beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing your favorites with us

  3. they are beautiful, and would be my favorites too, if they would be mine :o)

  4. Love the flowers of friendship book. :)

  5. Well said, I so agree with you! And, your fav things are my fav things too. I so hope you get to make it to the shows. Would love to meet up with you again.

  6. Love them all, great colours too...if I could find some I would have to keep them, I couldnt sell them in our shop they would be too hard to part with

  7. You have some beautiful favorite pieces. If you ever get tired of them.....ha ha

  8. Hello,
    I am new to blogging and thought I would follow along and put you on my blog list.
    My children keep telling me when I die the estate sale will last months if I don't quit collecting things... apparently I am not the only one afflicted with this desire to search out treasures. Bloggers everywhere have proven that! LOL. I had a shop years ago and could probably furnish two or three now. Yikes. It sure is fun though. Think we can go junkin in Heaven?
    Lee @ Inspired Comblogulations

  9. Love the first elegant lady she looks so refined. Thanks for sharing your treasures.