Thursday, September 24, 2009

~ Hot Flash Less ~

Don't be jealous!!! The Cello is now mine-thank you Denis-I love it !!!!!.....

" Bountiful..."

" Old window frames and bird cages-what a great idea!!!" ........

Well, I have to say that I have really enjoyed the last few days of cooler weather. Took a trip to Lone Star today and had a wonderful lunch with Denis (thank you) and Lynn. He was redoing his space and Lynn and I were-you know -shopping as usual (as if I don't have enough already). Now if these little scattered showers would just leave maybe I can get to more painting. Round Top tomorrow for the lucky bums that get to go-not me, yet again another October is flying by and I will miss all the goodies......Well, there is always Spring.......


  1. Hello
    It all looks so the birdcage idea.
    I am working on Halloween and black does not inspire me...will post later this week.
    Hope all is well with you

  2. Every thing looks GREAT, I blew up the pictures and boy there is a lot of things I would love to get. Like you said like I don't have enough already. So many beautiful frames I would start out with...

    Enjoy your EVening-

  3. You are my kind of girl. I have been watching your blog for awhile but I have my own now. I would love for you to take a peek. I truely enjoy reading yours.

  4. Love looking at your beautiful blog!

    I must tell you.
    It is still September.

  5. GREAT pictures, boy would I love to shop there. That is my kind of place, thank you so much for sharing. Have a great week....

  6. Gorgeous gorgeous as always ~Yes I am missing Round Top too and very very jealous to day the least ~
    Thank you for the yummy pictures of one of my favorite places to hang out !

  7. I love to dream in cream... since I am so colorful... my sister dreams in cream... it makes us so much more compatible when we shop together...she brings me colorful things and I bring her things in creme or beautiful things that she can paint creme. We compliment each other and are never in competition. Ok, honestly every now and then we do have a tug-o-war... what are sisters for?
    Love, Love, Love your blog...thank you for your very kind comments on mine. What an unexpected pleasure.

  8. Hey Tinna,
    I had a great time today also! Thanks for buying the Cello...I want a picture...ha! I know Brian will have a good home. Lunch was great...we need to do that often.

  9. Hey Tiina! It's so good to see one of your gorgeous posts!!! Each and every photo makes me want to shop and dig! Hope all is well with you sweetie, happy weekend! ~ xxoo, Dawn

  10. So much loveliness. I love the birdcage idea.

  11. Lovely blog. So glad I came across it. Sea Witch

  12. Love the frames and bird cages!! That is two things that I love to collect! I am missing Round Top also due to being in Canton....hope our fall weather sticks around, I love it! Happy Junkin....Cathy of "Girls Gone Junkin"

  13. Love that cello, Tiina! Just came back from Round Top/Warrenton and it was SO fantastic - I'm already plotting how to get back there for the spring show (with much more money next time)!

  14. Oh, it is so beautiful. What a dreamy place.

  15. i am more than a few posts behind catching up with you and many others.

    Love all i have seen, as usual.
    clever idea with bird cages and frames.

    barbara jean