Saturday, August 21, 2010

~ The Bling Thing...~

~ The French Mannequin Etsy Shop....~

I bet that I can assume that most of us love bling. The older the better. There is truly something magical about smokey rhinestones and vintage jewels. Today I found a jewel at Lone Star Antiques. A beautiful rhinestone tiara. But before I could wear it, I brought it home and listed it on ETSY. Well, the rest is history. It sold within a few minutes of the listing. Love it when that happens, but on the other hand would have loved to decorate with it. I am de-stashing the garage again and came upon a box filled with all my old marble busts. Listed all of those. Nothing quite as sweet as a chubby child's face....The French Mannequin Etsy shop is my newest....


  1. Hi,

    That tiara is stunning! I have been looking everywhere for one. I guess I wasn't quick enough to buy this one. Do you come across more of them and would you keep me in mind? Your statues are sweet!

  2. I love the statues, the roses in the boy's arms are my favorite.

  3. Hey Stranger...I have not seen you at the Mall in a while. Just checking on ya!

  4. Oh my this is a beautiful creamy post.