Friday, August 6, 2010

~ Booth Redo....~

~ My Petite Booth.....~

~ Wonderful Vinyl Letters for Your Door or where ever on Etsy......~ (been wanting to do this for a long time now and I love the look).

I have not posted pics of my new space at Lone Star since I moved. I decided to downsize and re-locate. Next to Shabby Y on the corner. Love bigger booths, but you can't beat the decrease in stress levels when you know you don't have to worry about filling a larger space. For me right now this is just the right size.....


  1. Love your space!! I am considering taking on a space myself...What would you consider to be a good price per foot? I would appreciate yout answer!!! Thanks Rhonda

  2. I love your booth! Gorgeous! Great finds! Have a wonderful day! ~Lulu

  3. Your booth is gorgeous! Love those chairs! I have been eying some exactly like those in my local antique mall! Love the door number, too!

  4. Your space is beautiful! Very restful!

  5. I love the metal furniture in your booth. In fact, I like everything in your booth.



  6. You didn't mention where your booth was ( I don't think - unless I missed it ) but it sounds & looks like it could be at LONE STAR ANTIQUE MALL ?
    Would that be in Fort Worth , Texas ???
    I go to this antique mall and it has a Shabby Y booth next to it and you mentioned Lone STar??
    Your booth is lovely - great images too. If this is where you are located I have been by your booth. Please let me know & thanks -


  7. Hi again,
    I went and checked out your profile and I am pretty sure it is the same fab antique mall!! I know Jennifer and her Mom that work there , very nice people. I have seen & visited your booth before and you have some AWESOME things in it. I believe I bought a bracelet from you in the past. So much fun realizing this blog I follow belongs to you. There are several booths in that mall I check out also. Have a great week-end !!

  8. Love the metal chairs! Your space is great!~Patti

  9. Just loving your blog as usual, Your space looks GREAT, wish i could come visit-shop. You have great decorating style-design , I must say...
    Ill be back to see more...

  10. I have seen your booth in real life
    and it is beautiful !
    You always do such a good job
    with how you arrange it and
    the things you put in it ~

  11. I love the chairs in your booth. The house numbers look perfect!

  12. booth looks super serene!! i adore the mattress spring wreath on your window. that is truly unique!! everything is so elegant and cozy. thanks for sharing.

  13. Love your booth! I am going to try to get to the Lone Star soon and see in person!

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  15. I used to have a booth in an antique mall. If it had looked as inviting as yours - maybe I would have actually made some money! :-)

    I agree with Stacey's a "dreamy" booth. Well done! Good luck in your new space!

  16. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the iron chairs and table in your booth! Are they still available? And what is the cost? I might have to drive to Texas!!! Rhonda

  17. Great door numbers! Your booth is beautiful,,I wish I could see some price tags,,,,

  18. your boothe is just LoVeLY!
    as is your blog ..
    a long~time admirer ;)
    p.s. most folks have no idea the 'work' involved in having a space.. . smaller is better for me, too :)

  19. you and your booth are in texas? dang. your's is the kind of booth that gets my blood pumping as i spot it in the distance. lovely.