Wednesday, August 18, 2010

~ Heat Wave.....~

Still no relief in sight with all these boiling temperatures. I think we need to cool down with some light, cool and airy photographs-compliments of Lynn and SR's home. Mmmmmm I can feel the crisp air already...........


  1. What beautiful dreamy pictures. I love them all, especially those white binoculars! I don't think I've ever seen white ones before. Of course love all of the string and those old brushes, love them! Thanks for sharing, Theresa

  2. Love those binoculars and brushes...It rained here, in my part of Texas, but back to boiling...Lezlee

  3. Tiina, I just love it when you show pics of their place. Lynn has such a way with display. Have a great day.

  4. All of the pictures are just wonderful, and what lovely vignettes. Beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  5. my my...those neat old creamy shoes are so awesome....i love the newspaper inside too. very vintage...
    good luck with that crazy texas heat. i miss texas, but i sure don't miss that heat and that wind. yuck!! it is hot here too, but we do get some reprieve in august. i hope you will least a little!! thanks for the tour.

  6. Hi Tiina,
    I love looking at all your wonders. I see some balls of crochet thread. Are they for sale? I only want crochet threads not yarns. I need whites and tans like the ones in the bowl.I looked in your etsy stores for them.
    Im me!

  7. I love all these pictures/vignettes!!
    even the paintbrush one. what a cute idea!


    barbara jean

  8. love the paint brushes in the old paint can...your booth looks great