Monday, May 4, 2009

~ Blogging Blockage ~

" French Candy Box "
" The Shabby Y "

" New mannequin that I am reinventing...."

" Shabby Y creation..."

" Shabby Y creation...."

Ok, now I am beginning to feel I am in a rut. Pictures are dwindling to nothing and I have not had an inspiring moment for days....Is it the rain? Is it the A/C that is not yet fixed? Is it lack of inspiring moments......Is there a laxative for this problem? I know this to shall pass, but good grief I wish it would hurry up!!! I will post some "leftovers" as I call them, but that makes them non- the- less gorgeous.......


  1. I think we all go through it. I'm going through it right now! Maybe it is the weather - rain, rain, rain here in Maryland!

  2. It will only last a minute...people like you are only down a few will pass and be back bigger than ever!

  3. It's the calm before the brainstorm! I had so much fun in your booth today! Check out the pics of your booth on the Junkin' Journey blog! You are so creative!

  4. It's true... we all go through it... I just take a mental break for a couple of days... then usually something happens or it hits me... and there ya go...

    how about some vintage bridal gowns... got any photos of those? I'd love to see them!

    hope you guys dry out up there soon... this weekend gave new meaning to the phrase "How 'bout them Cowboys!"

  5. Hi Tiina, I think every post of yours is amazing. I would've never guessed you were blog blocked. You never fail to inspire.

  6. I guess it strikes us all...I am suffering from "Booth Blockage" right now..can't get myself to price and fix and...go there after my
    big allergy attack...I would never have guessed you had blogging block cus your pictures are all so breathtaking!!! I look forward to them always. I did get s sunny day today and took some pictures of my new greenhouse and garden, and day before I did Chairs on a whim!! check it out!!!..

  7. It's the rain! We had alot of it here in Chicago this spring and I was feeling the same way! I'm sure that your "leftovers" will be very pretty. xo Joan

  8. Girl we need SUN SHINE! That would get all our creative juices flowing! We have only seen the sun 3 days out of the last 21! I need the SUN! Love the French candy box.

  9. Girl, if YOU get into a blog-block , we are all in trouble! Your amazing energy inspires all of us!

  10. Everything you have inspires me. When I get like that I have to look at things that are the complete opposite of my normal taste...nice none the less but different. Helps give me perspective.
    Don't let the rain get you down. Think what happens when it doesn't rain enough. Desert!!!

  11. You are an inspiration to me! Why can't there be a shabby store where I live???? Your inspiration will come, with the sunshine.

  12. Sometimes leftovers are great, as are these pics.

    Give yourself a break, focus on something else, and don't try to create. It will come back. =0)

    barbara jean