Saturday, May 9, 2009

~ Soothing Saturday ~

"Ohhhhhhhhh....Look at the sweet baby picture, pearly material piece and victorian pic....."
" Eat your heart out ladies...This is a fraction of the rhinestone stuff that I have collected for years....."

" An old double door, and the fireplace mantle I plan on putting around my bathroom window."

" Vintage Christmas balls, cherub plaques and a lovely lady picture...."

" Box of goodies-have to go through it tomorrow.....Plenty of things to fill up my booth and the Blog shop....."

I am loving the weather today. Yesterday muggy and hot, today breezy and cool.....Started "cleaning out" the garage. What exactly is cleaning out anyway? Is it when your mother comes over and grabs everything from the goodwill pile and stuffs her car till it is soooo full that she looks like she is popping a wheely the whole way home? Or is it when your ex drops off your daughter in the middle of your cleaning frenzy and decides he needs half the stuff for his new house when he had the chance nearly a year ago to get what he wanted, but he chose to leave you with it all? Well, which ever it is that is what happened. But rather than gripe about it, I will be happy that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and finally put things in order. I hope to get it entirely completed by tomorrow. Now I have no excuse what so ever to not take the goodies to my booth OR stock my poor little Blog Shop that I have neglected terribly....God I love all my stuff but I fear it is a sick obsession of which I need to cure myself of. I have always told myself if you have had that darn storage full for the last 5 years and you pay nearly $200.00 a month for it, think of all the money that has been wasted on "stuff" that I don't even visit or use-I just pay to have it stored. For what? I need to turn over a new leaf and liquidate. That way if I don't have the room to enjoy it, at least let someone else get it so they can enjoy it.....And that is what I am determined to do......


  1. Hey get that neat stuff out of the storage shed girl! Did you see the awesome heels made from those wooden shoe forms (in your box) in the last Where women create?
    No more paying storage fees...!!!
    Fill up your booth and MAKE MONEY!
    If you need the book let me know.
    We want to see a picture of the EMPTY shed by the end of JUNE!

  2. Hi Tiina,
    Love your stuff! I know what you mean about stuff though. Sometimes I feel so bogged down by my 'stuff'. Yet, other times it comforts me.

  3. Thank you for letting me look. How about changing the word liquidate to symplify. Your head is like a computer - it gets too full and needs to be purged once and awhile - so that new creativety can happen. I want the little dress form in the box. It's perfect for my new sewing room. I'm serious!

  4. Smart girl you are Tiina!

    Stay determined & have a Happy Mother's Day!!!!

    everything vintage

  5. I'm with you! I'm wasting soooo much money on those storage units, and no one's buying from my unit. I'm clearing them out, cramming them in the booth, and having a sale at my house. Time to LET GO.

    The best part is, as you can see from your comments, people WANT the stuff; we just need to release it!

    Thanks for the kick in the panties....

  6. I know what you mean all of these great buys we can not pass up! To much stuff, if I can ever get all my projects finished, I will never get myself in this mess again. It takes to much of the fun out of buying, when they all need just a little of this or that!! Too much time.......

  7. You are certainly not alone. We are all right there with you.

    We are also all smart enough to know (and this is the hard part) when it is time to get rid of things. One of the most freeing things I did once was pull a flatbed trailer uo into the driveway and I just started pitching things in.

    Then I made some calls and found several people willing to haul it off.

    I don't remember what was in that trailer.

    Enjoyed visiting.


  8. Great stuff! My mother and I do the same thing but in reverse-she will clean out and make a pile for Goodwill and then I tend to find some goodies to take home:)

    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!



  9. Your things are beautiful!!!My friends are going to do an intervention..for my garage...I'm actaully having problems parting with my things there for my booth! I have sealed boxes of every know decorating magazine known to man!! I can't do this on my own..I will need
    a support group!

  10. Followed our link from Twice Remembered, and really enjoyed visiting your place in all shades of cream.

    Thanks for sharing all this lovely inspiration with us all. I am in the process of converting your average town house into a shabby cream beach cottage and ideas are always welcome.

  11. I just finished organizing and cleaning my garage and some cupboards in the house. It feels really good, Tiina! I like Cindy's comment about "simplifying." It is so true! Good luck with the "simplifying."

  12. How I wish your shop were near me. The way you have it decorated is breathtaking! You're very talented! ;) ~CC Catherine from "Catherine de th`e Cup"