Tuesday, July 21, 2009

~ Pampered Pets ~

" Hey Ladies!!!!!!.....Can't resist me can you?..."
" I hate it when I forget to suck in my gut !!!!....."

" Peep, peep.... It's been 30 minutes since my last meal and I am starved..."

Just when you thought it was safe to go to Lone Star to redo your space, along comes a little birdie.....My youngest daughter has the uncanny ability to find fallen baby birds where ever she is. Sometimes they fall from their nest and I suspect sometimes they are helped along a little. Either way the 30 minute feedings have started. I have gotten quite good at rescuing these sweet little feathered friends-but I assure you, I would rather they be raised by their parents. This little bird I believe is a Dove. Judging from the shape of the beak, I bet it is. So ugly and so cute. Hopefully it will survive and I will be able to release it in a few weeks. Our family seems to be growing and growing....No wonder I am soooooo tired. Sushi is doing good with Presley and he seems to be adapting well. I am posting some pics of these messes-seems like something is in the water here-so to speak-as you can tell from the pictures. I almost feel that I need to rate these photos XXX.......


  1. Oh, animals are cute even without pants. LOL. But I laughed about their comments, I say that about my gut frequently, AND I can eat and be hungry in 30 minutes, too.
    It's late and I'm silly.

  2. Awwww
    You are so special to be saving little baby birds!

  3. OMG, they all have officially melted my heart away, little speckle belly is too cute, well heck they all are !! Blessings, janna

  4. how adorable your little dogs
    and the baby bird... I hope he will survive!
    Gr. Anna

  5. wish I could sleep as well as they seem to be...must have been a long hard day of playing :0)!

  6. Tiina,

    Animal people are the best people in the world! Wow, you are truly a gracious person to take on the task of saving the baby bird! I hope he (or she) does well and is ready to 'leave the nest' soon:). As for your furry children-as always they are precious! These fuzzy guys make life so enjoyable:).

    Blessings to you,


  7. Hey Tiina, can you come and rescue the baby birds under my air conditioner at my new location!? The chirping is getting to me>!~ Starting to sound like an aviary!

  8. Every single one of them is precious! Chloe thinks the boys are very handsome.

  9. The shots of your dog are adorable! The bird thing you can never tell what it is until they get older. I do hope you show us the progress of its growth in the coming weeks. I just got done raising a little baby starling when its was this small as well. The only problem with the releasing of the bird may not goes as well as you think. They want to stay with you for a long time after. The one I just raised left Monday but I do believe it might of got caught by a Hawk. It would fly around and then come back for wax worms and take a bath. He would come in for the night to sleep. I have raised one awhile back and I had him for a least 8 months, then he decided he was mature enough to leave without the support of his adopted Mother. God Bless you for taking the time to raise the little darling. Hope all goes well with the process of taking care of him and for he's final release.

  10. Hello, I just found your blog. It's very beautiful and inspirational! All the best with the little bird!


  11. Hello, I just found your blog from Brenda at Just a Bed of Roses...what cute puppies...wish I had seen your blog before my last post, I did doggie "interviews" about the dog days of summer...I could have interviewed your sweet ones! Love your blog!