Friday, June 5, 2009

~ Fire Cracker Friday ~

" Red, White, and Blue..."
" Barry's Space..."

" A combination of sweet pink prom dress and pink awning..."

" OK ladies, check out the extra square footage..."

I know the title is kinda goofy, but it seems that Lone Star is going 4th of July. The colors featured are now red, white and blue. Really neat if you ask me-and I am not even a color girl. I love the fire truck in front of the bed, and what about the white table with red chairs. Very, very catchy!!! Barry does most of the front featured decorating. He painstakingly walks the entire antique mall pulling from dealers booths and creating the most eye appealing gorgeous settings. So the minute you walk in the front doors you are Wowed!!! with something that is entirely off the wall and wonderful! Hmmmm....I don't think I saw any cream things in his decorating this time, oh well, maybe next time.....By the way posting a small pic of my "extra" space-can't wait to dig in......


  1. Barrys wonderful, he really cares about selling doesnt he, customers appreciate it. Love the americana, well, I love all kinds of decorating, and isnt it neat we are all different.
    Hey, cool empty space, so refreshing, cant wait to see where your imagination goes on this space. Love the stained cement.

  2. Dear Tiina, your blog is so full of beauty! I enjoy it very very much! You give me so much inspiration! Your comments in my blog are so sweet and I will thank you bottom of my heart!

    Hugs Jonna

  3. Always so great to come and visit you!!
    So fun having a bigger booth.

    When i opened the store last year, I thought "Oh my goodness, how will i ever find enough stuff -I mean treasures- to fill it".
    Now it's "Sure wish i had more room. So much stuff -I mean treasures- to bring out!". =00)

    Have a great weekend.
    Barbara Jean

  4. Tiina,
    Just letting you know i posted a little bit about your blog on mine, and a pic.
    If you would prefer no pic, please let me know.
    Barbara Jean

  5. I can't wait to see what you put in there!!!! I want to buy everything you have now in your space!!!!! Wow, great stuff!!!
    Margaret B

  6. Getting everyone in the mood for June/July celebrations. Looking forward to your expansion.
    You could sneak a little somthing R-W-B into you place to add to the POP!


  7. I think it looks great and I'm not a color girl...but remember flag day is coming up soon. xo Joan

  8. Congrats on your expansion. Best of luck. Your space always is so well done! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Tiina,
    Thanks so much for coming by and for your great encouragemnt about seeting up 'shop' on line.

    I think it will be fun, and now when i am at the store i think, 'Hmmm. I should put this on my blog to sell."
    I'm planning on just putting things taht are easy to ship as to make less headache for myself.
    So, as I remembetr, your sell blog is pretty simnple. Do you just have people email if interested? (guess i could just go look). =0)

    Thanks again, and we'll be in touch.

    Barabar Jean

  10. I am looking forward to seeing your space! Can't wait, see you Friday!

  11. Love all these pictures. Can't wait to see your bigger space filled. I left a treat on my blog for you today.