Tuesday, June 23, 2009

~ My How Time Flies ~

" And cream........"
" And cream....."

" And cream......"

" Patriotic Primitive at Jan's booth..."

" Pink is for little girls...." Jenn's space at Lone Star......

I have neglected my blog for far too long. I can't believe that more than a week has passed. I was so excited about re-creating my booth at Lone Star, but every time I took some furniture to re-do with...it sold. I am not complaining at all, as a matter of fact I am hoping that sales are now seeming to pick up quite a bit. 6 large pieces either sold or went on lay-away which kinda left me with no large pieces to decorate with. I have also been diligently working on getting health insurance for my children and myself. I did not like the vulnerable feeling one gets when you know you aren't insured and you worry every day about it. Well, let me tell you that getting insurance is about as easy as hammering at concrete. And good grief you better not have ANY pre-existing conditions. My youngest has ADD which she is being medicated for and that little fact set off the alarms all across health insurance land. Wow, now it seems we have to pay out the wazooo even when you are healthy!!! And even when you finally get accepted (by the grace of God) your deductibles are astronomical-and you will never meet it unless you have a devastating illness or accident (God forbid). I am also getting my "credit and finances issue" under some control, so hopefully by the end of the summer I will be on my way to recovery in every respect-so I can build strength for the next challenge-whatever that might be.....I never realized until recently how strong we can truly be if we have to and we have the will to do it......I hope to get to Lone Star by Thursday and pull off some sort of decorating miracle....the key word here is "hope".......


  1. The booths are lovely.
    I love all the creams the best.

    barbara jean

  2. Because the issue of Health Insurance (and Education) makes me crazy and brings the beast out of me, I'll focus in the pretty stuff in life...Love the "in the park" vignette and the pink space. I'm glad business is picking up!

  3. Just left you an email! Was starting to worry about you chickadee! Don't get me started on the whole business with insurance!! And try getting life insurance at a decent rate after 50!! Amazing how a little issue of anemia can get you DENIED! Glad to see you back and that sales are perking up!
    Take care

  4. I understand completely, after selling the company we didn't realize, health insurance? we didn't know we were not cover for over 3 months. I told the kids, "we are not going anywhere, not even outside until we are covered again!" So scary and ridiculous. On another note I love the CREMA. Ciao

  5. good luck to you!!! i wish you the best!! if you are as fantastic about life as you are about your talent....you can rule the world. i have no doubt. you inspire me and so does your blog!!!!
    i am thankful to have the army benefits my family has. i try to never take it for granted. you have reinforced that. thanks so much.
    can't wait to see what you have new to go to your booth. i would buy everything there if i were closer!!! that is for sure.
    take care

  6. Beautiful photos! Insurance...don't get me started either. LOL We have insurance, but are to the point that they take so much out of hubbys paycheck for ME to be covered it is getting to where a working person can't even hardly afford it. We have checked around other avenues of insurance for me and run into the pre-exisiting conditions every time. Sign of the times I guess. Hang in there.

  7. Glad your back, was worried! Health Insurance, what's that? Today is Craig's last day at work, we had insurance, but with a $5000 deductable and only paid 70% of any claims, if they paid at all!? The insurance company makes sure to get their premiums, buts trys their best to get out of paying for any claims! How can they do that? I know, I'll shut up!! Theothertheresa

  8. Many of my neighbors and friends are dealing with divorces, layoffs and lack of health insurance, and it truly sucks!!! Thank goodness my husband gave 22 years of his life to the military and so health insurance for us is just a breese, otherwhise it would be hard on a family of 6!! I did miss your posts, they are always so inspiring!! Come back soon!

  9. I love all the photos ... especially the one with the chandelier!

    I completely understand about the insurance. Even having insurance, I have had some major fights with them to just pay what they're supposed to cover. I can imagine how frustrated you must be. Hang in there!

  10. So glad to have your lovely post back! Love the Cream pictures..we are all in the same boat..insurance I can't leave mine because no one will take me becasue of pre exsisting conditions..so mine goes up every year and I have to shut up an pay it..$1ooo. a month mine alone..its rent on a studio in some places...its shameful what we are all having to go thru for insurance..keep strong and lets hope something changes soon! welcome back!! Don't know if you stopped by my blog, but I posted my booth pics some time ago nothing a beautiful as yours, but its doing well. Have a good day! Marlene

  11. I deal with health coverage in Michigan. No, I'm not an insurance salesman-I work for the Health Dept. and help clients with coverage for their kids. I'm not familiar what is offered in your state, but try your state government site and search under health care for children. We have a couple of programs, MiChild and Healthy Kids and also Medicaid deductible (for large claims like hospitalization) If I can be of any help to you, please contact me. Barbara P.S.-love the cream! barbaraboxell@yahoo.com

  12. so glad you're back...I was missing my daily *fix* of cream!

  13. I think your booths ARE a miracle... wish I could create some of that in my own home!

  14. Insurance is not a happy topic for a lot of us, especially if you are 62. I am happy that you found your strength to cope. Your photos are so beautiful, makes me want to redo everything again. Prayers for you of continued strength and peace.
    Jean in virginia

  15. Just the creme de la creme!
    My poor Cat Daddy wants to retire so badly, but he's only 58 and I've told him we couldn't afford the health insurance because of pre-existing conditions. Poor guy...he really believes we could make a living doing this full time and we probably could if we weren't such addicts for the junk!

  16. So happy to hear that you are having great luck in your booth. It is beautiful.
    Glad you are back. I missed ya.

  17. How the heck did I miss this post... well not no more I am on your followers. I just love the cream photo's, actually that is putting it mildly. I have so much cream and whites all over my kitchen and living room. The two colors combined is sooooo lovely. I remember a woman that had a shop and she color coordinated it all, but wouldn't dare using creams mixed in with whites. I told her I used the colors together for such a long time and it looks wonderful. My favorite colors are white, creams and pink and I don't think I'll ever get bored with those colors.

    Have a Great Day-