Thursday, June 11, 2009

~ Stormy Weather ~

" Adore old children photos. This one is curved and has a great frame...."
" My fondness for old black and white prints is growing-they have a certain subtle beauty...."

Wow, did yesterdays storms take us by surprise. Just when you thought the worst was over-another storm followed in it's tracks.....Rain and more rain. Hail and more hail. Fence down, tree in the front split in two-small ceiling leak-what next. I knew we would be in for a HOT summer because I think we had a pretty mild one last year. Humidity is on the way starting tomorrow. Oh Lord, here comes the frizzies!!! I have been feverishly painting more furniture for my new extended space so hopefully by Monday I will be ready to fill her up....


  1. We have had 9 out of 11 days of quite heavy rain, with it continuing into next week. Tuesday we were able to get alot of painting done, in between storms, warm enough and not alot of wind helps.
    What can we do? Business was so slow, and then today, still stormy we were really busy, so you never know who's venturing out, guess we just have to get out of the house, no matter what.

  2. Hello!
    So glad to be back in the land of internet. Long month ... long story. I like your B&W prints. I have 3 large ones in my front room and think it's great that they seem antique and modern at the same time. I LOVE your last post and the layering of such gorgeous "STUFF". In fact, when I finish this comment I am going to look at the pics again! No internet for a month ... no yummy eye candy.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Betty :)

  3. I love the black and white (or cream) patina from old picts and prints too. Lovely. Glad I live in California.....sounds horrid, Tiina!

  4. Can't wait to see the new booth addition! Good luck with the storms-I hope you don't get any more damage.



  5. Leak in the roof? :0( Hope it was just a small one! Hope your new space is coming along nicely...I bet it will be great!

  6. JUst absolutely beautiful frames...and in great condition!

  7. Great photos. Can't wait to see your new space.