Monday, June 8, 2009

~ On The Lighter Side....~

Now that I have gotten the last post nearly out of my mind-that is until the TV goes on again-or maybe it wont...I wanted to post some lovlies again. Stacking and layering are a girls best friend, and the easiest way to add character and get more stuff into a small space. I learned this along time ago, but I believe it to be a true art. Not everyone has the talent to put things "together" in a way that draws you in. Lynn can, Felicia can, several dealers at Golightlys and Lone Star definitely can. It is an acquired taste, but once you acquire it and achieve it anythings possible......


  1. All of it is in my Favorite color range. does this not look incredible. it made my Monday. xo Joan

  2. Hi Tiina,
    Absolutely beautiful layering going on here. Love It! You always inspire me.

  3. I just wanted to tell you how fabulous I think your blog is. I'm also following your shop. I spent the evening casually going through each post from end to beginning. Thank you for sharing all the beauty. It's been very inspiring.

  4. Awesome stacking...I'd love to be able to do some of that but I'm pretty sure I'd be hearing alot of crashing noises around the house because of my little helpers....Hmmmmmm...someday.....

    Smiles! Lilsista.

  5. Hey darlin!

    Sorry, it has taken so long for me to get back to thankin' ya for droppin' by the yaya & your loving support!

    By the way...LOVE those old parasols! You always have BEAUTIFUL treasures!

    Have a loving & creative week....xo...deb

  6. It took me a while to come around to this (it just seemed counter-intuitive to do that in a booth), but my sales have soared ever since I tentatively started doing so after Warrenton. I'm so glad to see you validating it! You're truly inspiring....

  7. So true about learning to stack and layer. An acquired skill i am trying to acquire! =0))

    I'll be tryin' really hard on my new gift shop blog. Just started it today!!
    Lots of work and fun ahead.
    Barbara Jean

  8. WOW!!! There is more inspiration in those photos than I have seen anywhere!!! Love them, love your blog!! Chrissy

  9. Wow-I really like the parasol. How lovely to walk around in a lovely Edwardian tea dress with a beautiful parasol shading you from the sun...

    How I love the old styles:).



  10. are so right about layering, and I love it! ;) I recently was at a local antique shop and saw some great items that reminded me of your lovely shop! I think it's so relaxing to decorate in whites and creams... So wish I could visit your shop in person! When I find myself in TX, I will! ;) ~CC Catherine from "Catherine de th`e Cup"

  11. Buongiorno,I am so glad I stopped by Bella Rustica and find your blog. I am crazy for cream and white. someone told me it was not possible....I had my e-z up redone in cream and white. Check it out when you have time on my blog or e-mail me and I will send you a photo. Love your site. Ciao

  12. I needed a cream and white fix and you came thru for me!!!
    Thank you!!!

  13. Love all that cream...especially those buttons with the old photos!

  14. Hi, Tiina!
    I DID come and look at your lovely pics ... THREE TIMES tonight! I think I see you in the "our friends" mirror .... lol! Is that a photo button/pin from Columbia Portrait? Again, thanks for sharing such yummy images.
    Betty :)