Thursday, February 11, 2010

~ Day Dreaming.....Part 1 .... ~

" I hear Chopin......"
" Is it a revamped headboard or a piece of an old vanity?....."

" Alfred! Draw my bath...."

" Wow!!! Would you mind your clothes being stored in here?....."

" This is a wonderful book......"

I am a firm believer in passing on fantastic ideas and awesome beauty. Since we are snowbound today, I got out some of my trusty decorating books. Jessica McClintock was always a favorite designer of mine in my younger days. And it is no wonder that this lovely lady is as good of an interior designer as she is a fashion icon. See for yourself......


  1. I have that book and never tire of looking through it. It is so beautiful.
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  2. I think I should have visited this post first before I commented on your newest post :) I thought those gorgeous pictures looked familiar, I remember when I first got this book, I couldn't put it down for weeks! It is beautiful...thank you for sharing it and reminding me what treasures I have in my bookcase. Besos, Rose

  3. Like Rose above, I should have read the first page before asking my question on the drapes. I am going on now to see if I can find a "used" copy at a good price. Beautiful photos. Thank you, thank you for sharing and alerting me to this book.

  4. I have alot of decorating books.. but never have come across hers.. will be heading to Amazon and pick up a copy!! Beautiful!

  5. Lovely book! Wonderful rooms.

  6. wowee,,beautiful beyond words. I should put this on my wish list of books.