Friday, February 12, 2010

~ Simple Beauty ~

" Simple yet elegant..."
" Less is more...."

" Fake Rose stems and framed prints for place settings...."

" Seeing a lot of these potted Country French feeling...."

" My coffee crystal stained Peonies....."

Another day in the house brings me to post another batch of inspirational decorating, but this time it is simplicity in beauty and not so much the opulence of the prior posts. White with gray backgrounds-really kinda nice. Sweet and simple ideas to use for your decorating at home. These are from the book Living with Lace. Oh and by the way, I had a little time on my hands today so I decided to coffee stain some white Peony flowers. I love the sepia tone that the instant coffee creates.......


  1. I love it...understated elegance!

  2. I love the coffee stained Peony flowers. So very lovely.

  3. Love the pictures!!! Thanks for sharing

  4. OOH! Great idea to stain those flowers.
    Think i have some big white flowers around somewhere. =)

    Thanks for all the pretty whites.
    Always love coming here!


    barbara jean

  5. Some truly beautiful stuff in that goodness.


  6. Oh Tiina, I love these gorgeous photos....just as much as the others!!! Seems we have so much of the same tastes....and your flowers that have been dyed are GORGEOUS!!! Thank you for always sharing what you love and what you're up to ~ hugs and love, Dawn

  7. Tiina, I'm in love with these photos. I will have to try to find this book. p.s. your flowers fit in perfectly!

  8. How lovely...thank you for sharing! They should re-shoot and add your flowers! Enjoy your weekend, Sandi.

  9. Wow, I absolutely love this post.... everything is so romantic and beautiful.

    Thanks for the Inspiration-

  10. those pots look like they have been painted in Gesso..I love the chalky white look..and the picture placemat.. is brilliant..I never thought of doing that.

  11. Yet another note from a Sandy! Never knew my name was so popular..must be the generational thing. I love your pictures and I much prefer to tea dye with coffee than tea, richer warm color than the grey tone you get with tea. I have to go look for some white flowers to try this.

  12. I just love all that beautiful cream....Kathy

  13. I love your coffee crystal stained Peonies and the framed place settings. Enjoyed the whole post! Lezlee

  14. Beautiful, but I ESPECIALLY love those peonies.....FANTASTIC!

    Warm blessings,

  15. I fell in love with all the pictures~ WOW!
    Love your blog!

  16. Living with lace would be lovely, wouldn't it?

  17. My daughter called me last night and told me to go to your blog to look at your coffee stained flowers ... she said I would love them ..'and I do' .. I went right over to dig through my 90 year old mom's cupboard for a jar of coffee I saw there 'a couple years ago' .. so I came home 'armed with my coffee' and now I'm going up to the attic to find my white flowers ..."Thanks so much for the inspiration" .. I can't wait to stain them this morning. :^)
    By-the-way ... I just looked in my cabinet and found my copy of "Living with Lace" ... I have not opened it for a couple of years .. but I will today! :^)
    "I love blogging" !!
    Hugz ...Betty