Friday, February 5, 2010

~ Friday Night Fun ~

" After "

" Before "

Ok, so I bought this kinda ugly old vanity/dresser at Goodwill today. Check out all the old water marks and stains. You really have to look beyond the "ugly" and try to imagine the beauty in the piece. Is it the lines or the wood? Is it the age of the piece and does it have the potential to become something much more? I love to look beyond an item and try to transform the piece into a one of a kind treasure. I think we all love to do that. It is amazing how that "ugly duckling" can really become a Swan....Tell me what you think. Painted it my usual cream color and then thought why not try a little black stripe and wah-la.....


  1. What a wonderful transformation!!! Love, love, love this!

  2. A gorgeous piece! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...and you were beholden!!!!
    Look how wonderful that turned out. A great, versatile piece,
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  3. That is so cute, it came up really well. I just love those hidden beautys.

  4. I love what you have done to it. So creative! Who knew it would have such charm.
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  5. You have a good eye! I love the transformation:).



  6. It looks fabulous. Amazing what a little paint can do. Hugs, Marty

  7. i usually see the hidden potential and others around me cant picture my vision...but this time i could not even imagine how you were going to turn this into a peice that would be anything like all the other lovelies i see around your home.......but WOW! i am truly ine awe!

    that is vision!

    thank you for sharing ! shell

  8. Yes!, I would have walked past ths one too! Amazing.
    Well done!!
    Irene x

  9. I LOVE IT TIINA! I love what paint can do for an old, forgotten piece of furniture! Beautiful job sweetie, hope your weekend is going great ~ hugs and love, Dawn

  10. You know the old saying, one mans trash is anothers treasure. trash to treasures is my life there is nothing better then finding a piece like this and transforming it as you have done. I love it. I dream in white, as you can see in my shop, most all of the white furniture in my shop was furniture that people could not see beyond the scraches,stains,coats of old paint etc..I love my job-shop,seeing the diamond in the rough is what I do as you do. Great job on the dresses, thank you for sharing....

  11. Were your ears burning today? I was just talking about what talent you have with a paint brush! Love the little details of the striping and numbers.

  12. I love your special touch of the stripe and detailing!

  13. What a difference a coat of paint makes!

    great job seeing the future it had.


    barbara jean

  14. Just beautiful, Tiina! I love your style!

  15. ...such an amazing transformation. I really love the black line going up the vanity:-)

  16. You and your little paint brush have got it going on... you know it... way cute...and dreamy is in the eye of the beholder...YES!