Wednesday, February 3, 2010

~ Dogs Days of Winter ~

" Is it too much to ask to be left alone?......"
" Hmmmmm....Wonder what he's been up to?.......8 months later and still getting into trouble..."

" I remember about 8 months ago when Presley first became part of our family....."

I could think of nothing better on a cold winter's day than to take a few pictures of our furry friends here at home. As you can see, Presley has really grown. Sushi is her usual self and enjoys a day of heavy snoring and resting.....


  1. They are so cute. Mine is over a year now and still getting into trouble:) I guess it is part of her charm.
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  2. Sweet! And there is that great music that I love, too. Happy Day! ~Mindy

  3. OMG, these babies are too sweet for words. Swim on over to my blog and enter in my Sea Witch in Paris Giveaway. Sea Witch

  4. So sweet, love dogs, just wonderful.

  5. They look so content and cozy...sweet

  6. I just LOVE puppies! I especially in the winter when it is good to keep warm and snuggle.

  7. Yes, what bueatiful babies thy are, We had our for two years and the still get in to trouble when they see a cat on the wall. love your music.

  8. Oh how cute! The little faces! What a happy blog. Everyone is talking about your music. My hubby is sleeping so I have the sound off. Will come back tomorrow and hear the music. I love music now that I have my cochlear implant.
    Have a beautiful day.