Thursday, April 30, 2009

~ Bountiful Booth/Perfect Pillows ~

When you shop at Lone Star you cannot help but feel a magnetic pull as you head down the aisle to Felicia Blair's space Bountiful. And if you are lucky, like today, she will have brought in some more pillows. I have talked to her about how many of my fellow blogging pals have fallen in love with her creations. She gave me her e-mail address so if anyone is interested in purchasing or asking about her pillows here is where you can contact her: ( all lower case letters). Now let me show you what I saw today.......

~ Double Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake ~

" Close -up YUMMY "

" Double Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake " Rich and creamy and oh so Dreamy.

" Oooops!!! I guess the cheesecake fell off the plate! "

" Here's my sweet friend Lynn, aka Whitewashed. " Talking to SR and explaining to him that she is hard at work and in a ferocious sweat to get some oxygen ordered for her clients!!! Sorry SR you missed lunch!!! "

Whoa! is that a mouthful to say or what, and that is exactly what I did today was stuff my face with this wonderful cheesecake preceded by the most wonderful Sampler platter known to man. Yes, Lynn and I snuck out know once in a while a woman simply has to throw her hands up in the air and exclaim to" h e double L" with the dishes and the laundry and the vacuuming and the whatever. Let's just go and fill our guts full of food. That is exactly what we proceeded in doing. Lynn had the self control today, but I did not. Knowing full well that when I read the chalkboard for the dessert special and seeing the word "chocolate" that was it. I figure someones got to try it out so it might as well be me. I must say I have been to my share of tearooms and Lone Star Antiques Simplicitea's Tearoom has got to be the best!!! Everyday there are multiple specials whether it is dessert or some fabulous specialty sandwich with soup. It gets tiring to visit tearooms that do not change up the menu. It is very much like a booth that does not get revamped every so often. People love to experiment and experience different things whether it be looking at a great booth or eating great food. Things that remain the same get boring in a hurry. The menu is comprised of their signature specialty quiches and sandwiches and soups. Yes, they do have their regular goodies, but everyday the menu changes and has new additions. The desserts are even changed. You truly look forward to each and every day you eat there, because if you were to eat there everyday it would always be different. The wraps are to die for with chicken or beef or fish or veggie and avacado.The soups are so varied I cant remember half of them but chicken enchilada, creamy leek and potato, french onion, italian spinach and sausage, potato jalapeno, and split pea and ham are just a few of their many wonderful soups that are offered daily. I am partial to the Sampler platter (which is what I had today) and the chicken salad sandwich on pretzel bread with avacado and bacon.Mmmmmmmm.....Are you hungry yet?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

~ Raffle Prize for Bella ~

Here is what I am donating to the Junksistas raffle for Bella. You can click to the link in my previous post titled BELLA RAFFLE. The details are simple: Go to Junksistas blog and purchase a ticket ($10.00 ea). Wow! was that hard? It is for a wonderful cause and I appreciate your participation.....Love Tiina.....

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

~ Fragments.......~

Rummaging through my house again today and decided to do more close-ups. I love the colors in all of these pictures. Soft and dreamy.......


Ladies-here is the link for the raffle for Bella. Take a moment to check it out. There are awesome goodies that will be raffled off and I can't wait! I have donated an apothecary jar filled with glorious vintage doilies, so if you liked the picture of the one I posted in a previous blog, you will love this one. It is a wee bit smaller, but just as lovely......Starting May 1st the tickets will be for sale....Thanks in advance!!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

~ Mundane Monday ~

" Woe is me..."
" Cottage Panache "

" Funky Monkey "

" Sweet gift from Lynn....."

We finally got the well deserved and overdue rain that we needed. Unfortunately, if your a/c is out like mine has been since Wednesday night, the a/c people have to wait for it to stop raining. Thank goodness the weather has been very mild. So no a/c repair today, and an entire day gone. Tomorrow they will come if there is no rain. Oh well, things could be alot worse. So I am tired of being tired and feeling that a day was wasted. Digging into my diminishing photo folder I decided to post some more of my favorite things. I need to get reinspired and get out there and start clicking some more pictures. It will be alot easier when the rain stops and the a/c is running.....

Sunday, April 26, 2009

~ Meet Meaty ~

" Hi, my name is Meaty! "
" Who cares! I was the first one here anyway.....Filthy rodent! "

I had truly intended on cleaning up at least one room of this house, but being true to myself I sidetracked. I took the display cabinet, that I painted blue and cream and showed you in a previous post, to Lone Star this afternoon and it sold right away to the dealer who helped me take it into the store!!! That was quick! His mom wanted it to display her jewelry and smalls and I thought fabulous!!! After shopping a bit myself I ventured home only to be greeted by our newest family member-Meaty. Well, at least he is the right color. I remember as a child having a Guinea Pig and loving it. When we moved from Washington state to Texas we had to give them to our neighbors-I hope they had a happy life. Sushi was not as happy as the rest of the family with this new addition. Oh well, she will have to get over it...Maybe they can be good friends.....

Saturday, April 25, 2009

~ Random ~

Today I worked 4 1/2 hrs at Lone Star and have never been soooo tired. That means we were very busy which is good (especially if it is your stuff). I swear I started at 11:30 and before I knew it it was after 4:00. Thats good if you get bored easy. Since I need to kick up my feet, I am going to post some relaxing photos because that is what I need right now.....

Friday, April 24, 2009

~ Still Life II ~

Today I found myself again looking through some of my photos and being amazed at what is attractive to me. The lightest of colors, the arrangement of items, the unusual and the unexpected. I am always excited when I see something that I would have never thought of in a million years, and am so glad that someone had the talent and the inspiration to present it. I have always believed that creativity sparks creativity and I thank the Lord that I know so many wonderfully gifted people, and that they feel the same way I do....

Thursday, April 23, 2009

~ Booth Babies ~

Lynn has certainly done it again with her innovative decorating. Her booth is filled with babies and I don't mean the cute cuddly kind. These are what I call the remnant babies because they have obviously been loved so much in their lifetime, that they are now remnants of what they used to be. And even though they are missing arms and legs and heads, there is still something shabby and appealing about them. Add the cream colored furniture, the dreamy chandeliers, the white accents and of course the old cash register, and you have another fabulous transformation that only Lynn ( and yes you too SR!!!) can do. How do they come up with all these ideas do you ask? Well, I am sure that SR will take credit for most of it-as men normally do. And the baby dolls? Well, the only Baby Dolls that SR is familiar with are the ones located on Harry Hines in Dallas-sorry Lynn, but lets give credit where credits due. Lynn decorates when she gets inspired and SR decorates when he gets.....Well, I wont even go there!!! LOL....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

~ Mission Accomplished ~

Whew! I can tell this is going to be one hot summer. Either that or I am in permanent "Hot Flash" mode. I took out the bed and put in a table and 4 chairs (2 new and 2 I painted). Added this neat cheeseclothy canopy thingy. I really wanted to hang the large silver chandelier that you can barely see behind the table, but I have to find some hangers that come pretty far out from the wall. It is a little hard to hang chandeliers without a ceiling. Switched over the fireplace mantel, flip flopped the vanity, L-bracketed the chippy old door to make more wall space, and threw around some doilies. All in a days work.....

~ Chatterings ~

" Motivation! I am only motivated when I start my day with a box of chocolates and champagne"
" Will she or won't she? "

" Sure she will, her profit was 3 trillion dollars last year-or was that the deficit? "

" Well, I don't care about the rest of you people, but I am off to the tearoom to show off my new spring hat. I adore this hat! It covers my plastic surgery scars, hides my face from my adoring fans, and doubles as an umbrella when it is raining outside-what more could one want! "

Well, am I motivated or not? Should I head to Lone Star and try to redo the space? Isn't it sad when you get sooooo old that simply leaving the house becomes a chore. I need to snap out of it. The weather is wonderful, my arms and legs still work, and my booth is calling me. (probably calling me alot of bad things-but calling me non the less). The sales are still going on until the end of the month. So if anyone is near Ft Worth or even in Texas for that matter-come and check it out. You won't be disappointed and the tearoom is to die for.....Off I go, I think.....