Saturday, February 28, 2009

~ Tonight at Midnight ~

There's still time......
Who says only birds belong in birdcages?......

"Mommy, can I get this doll?".......

Remember, tonight at midnight we (my daughters and myself) will choose the winner of the story contest. Have gotten some awesome stories-but there is still time.....Search back to Story Contest to see the photo. Send me a story and that's it! Good luck!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

~ Date Night ~

What's this? A sweet Chihuahua cherub of course.....

No, I am not going on a date even though it is Friday night. What is a date anyhow? Been so long I have forgotten. Maybe that is a good thing. Anyhoooooo.....I decided to post some cherub pics from Lynn's space again. Can't seem to get enough of these chubby cheeked little guys......

~ Fabulous Friday ~

I am again heading out to work another day at Golightly's. As I have errands to run later, it may be too late to post pics tonight so I will do it right now. I call these "leftovers" because I have so many lovely pictures in my documents. It is a mix of Lynn and Amy (Funky Monkey), and Golightlys....Enjoy the show!!!!....

Thursday, February 26, 2009

~ WhiteWashed Where are You ~

Ok, I think it has been more than enough time for my BFF Lynn to get her "Whitewashed" blog going. Of course I will try to help her as much as I can, but she is a busy, busy little lady. I will therefore have to force myself to go to her house to either take photos and post them, or to teach her the Blogging business! Having me teach her might be the death of us both but I am willing to give it a go. I did take some awesome photos of her booth today while I was working at Golightlys Gallery. Little cherubs and lovely chandeliers along with her signature creams and whites with a hint of tint!!!! She seems to be especially drawn to rusty things.....hmmmm....didnt I see her husband the other day with a rusty handprint on his butt? Or was it a slap of tint? Either way this couple manages to magically transform their booth at least once a week. It is NEVER disappointing and always beautiful!!!! Rust and all......

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

~ Many Thanks ~

Thank you for the well wishes for my sister. She did get to come home today and is doing quite well for a woman who has had nearly all of her lower back barricaded with steel. Ouch! thats gotta hurt!...She has really done well-thank God! Staples out in 2 weeks and she will be good as new. Since staples and gauze are not very pretty to photograph, I will at this time introduce you to my oldest daughters newest illustration-and how appropriate-on her back! I'm sure my sister will thank me for not posting a photo of her back and her crack (if you know what I mean). Lastly, I will post a pic of a little somethin, somethin pretty......

~ Foundlings ~

Hoping that my sister will be released from the hospital today, I am off to do those "boring things" before we pick her up. I have already weeded and fertilized the lawn-Whew! And now I am on my way to get the oil changed in the truck (what fun-not). And it is not even 9am yet. No wonder I am hot flashing! I did take a pic of my tassel find yesterday so I at least want to post that if I do not get a chance later....Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

~ Beautiful Bountiful ~


"Time Worn"


Is that my daughter bothering that shopper? She should be scouting the goodies to find treasures for her mother....Doesn't she know that she is wasting precious time.

Today I spent the afternoon with my oldest daughter. Venturing back to Lone Star Antiques and their tea room for lunch. I did my share of picture taking at Felicia's booth Bountiful. I am really drawn to the creamy colors and tattered lacy textures-and of course those pillows!!!! I made a few purchases of lace remnants and old tassels. Easter seems to be on its way, and with it lots of Easter bunnies. I will do a post on the Easter bunny soon. In the meantime listen to my music and behold Bountiful.

Monday, February 23, 2009

~ Doldrums ~

Visited my sissy in the hospital again today. She had major back surgery last Friday. Thank goodness all has gone well so far. She had surgery several years ago in the same area. Nearly 2 years ago she was involved in a rear-end collision (not her fault of course), and this messed everything all up. I take my back for granted and do not have any idea as to the suffering she has been through for nearly 2 years. At 47 yrs old, she is still a young woman as far as I am concerned. I am a registered nurse and have been away from "the field" for a while now. I am now in a situation where I seriously need to reconsider going back to nursing. I really do love it and am anxious to start over. Next I have to consider keeping a booth at an antiques store or simply taking a "leave of absence for a while". There is nothing more that I enjoy than fleamarketing and shopping and decorating, so it has really become my passion. But sometimes passions dont make a living. Hopefully a nursing prospect will come along and I can arrange my schedule to still include what I love. Along with mothering and tutoring and cleaning and cooking-you get my drift.....I will keep my fingers crossed and look forward and not back....

~And the Oscar goes to.....~

I managed to stay up last night to watch the Academy Awards. My youngest daughter was already counting the zzzzzzzz before 10:00 pm. Hugh Jackman couldnt have looked any better. I must say, I was really pulling for Micky Rourke to win-that was disappointing. Sophia Loren looked lovely, but my sweet little Goldie Hawn looked a little tooooo stretched for me. She always seems so bubbly and sweet, but for a minute there visions of Joan Rivers were dancing through my head. Did I miss the memorium for Heath Ledger? Didn't Paul Newman die this year? Or am I getting senile? Meryl Streep needs to rethink her wardrobe the next time around. I think the dress and the color of it made her look years older. I lost it when Ben Stiller pulled the Yaquim Phoenix (I know I am spelling it wrong) bit. I did like the way they presented with the past winners. Lots and lots of beautiful glam dresses. The hairstyles were also very similar with the wispy pulled back tossled look-very becoming on the ladies. I noticed the jewelry was very toned down this year. I am sooo happy Jerry Lewis got recognized. I have grown up watching and loving that special man. I think the hardest part for me is to see the stars aging along the way. Makes me realize how fleeting time is and how fast it passes. Enjoy every moment!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

~Academy Awards Night~

I do enjoy a good movie now and then and as you know tonight is the Academy Awards. My oldest daughter just told me that Hugh Jackman is hosting.....that totally makes it worth watching now!!! That's one handsome man!!! I think they ought to redo the way the Oscar looks like so I am posting some pics of what could be the next new Oscar prototype. Of course, they are all cherubs but wouldnt they make great award statues-so much better than that golden robot looking statue. I am planning on spending the evening in with both my sweet daughters and watching the awards. A nice little dinner and dessert and of course a HUGE pot of yummy coffee. ***Remember there is 1 week left for the story contest. Winner will be announced next Sunday. Dang! I could have done it tonight so appropriately on the night of the Academy awards-oh well, leaves another week for some more great stories.***

Friday, February 20, 2009

~Close Up~

I seem to be drawn to ornate architectural elements these days. The flood of excitement I feel when I see that "special something" in the distance, whether at a flea market or the local thrift store. Since my trusty camera seems to be missing from its post (I bet my oldest has snatched it to take some Friday night pics of her friends), I will post some photos of close-ups of some of my special goodies. Enjoy......

Thursday, February 19, 2009

~Thank -You Thursday~

I will dedicate today to the story submissions for my contest. My daughters and myself have thoroughly enjoyed reading them. I have had about 8 submissions so far. The deadline is Saturday the 28th (midnight). I will announce the winner on Sunday Mar. 1st. Good luck to all and remember there is still time to enter. ....Hugzzz...Tiina...

~Thirteen Years Ago...~

I bet that everyone of us have that perfect picture of something we took at one time or other. This picture was one of mine. To think that my youngest daughter is now 13 years old.....I found this the other day and really need to get it framed and hung. I am off to spend the day at work, but I thought I would post this before I left. Ahhh...the good old days when you could stay at home and enjoy these moments...I love you Alex!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

~Time- Worn Interiors Contest~

Theresa of Time-Worn Interiors is having a 100th post giveaway!!! Yipeeee...Since I am not up to speed on the click and link thing yet, you can visit her site by going to: Until next time I will say a little prayer and hope that I win....Congrats Theresa!!!

~Take It Easy~

Lately, the world seems to be on a downslide. Watching the news and hearing about all the layoffs and the economy, not to mention the disasters, deaths, and all the crisis' around the world has really made me stop and think. First of all, whether or not to even watch the news, and second of all to enjoy everything that life has to offer right now. I know that can sometimes be hard to find-but its out there! This last year has been a particularly difficult time, not only for my girls and myself, but for close friends and their families as well. The sad thing is most of these things rolled over into the new year and are still continuing. I always try to find the funny side of things. After all, I would rather laugh than cry. It's alot easier and funner that way. Things DO have a funny way of working themselves out in the end. It may not be the happy ending we want, but it is better than no ending.