Tuesday, March 31, 2009

~ Before and After ~


I am off to Golightly's to work all day. Today is my last day there. Will be working on getting my booth started at Lone Star Antiques starting tomorrow-I will post some pics of the progress. In the meantime I thought I would post a before and after of a vanity I repainted a bit. I am hoping that it is not tooooo girly. I always try to paint furniture that can be compatible to other pieces...I mixed the light blue because I am heading back to the blue tones. The picture is not the greatest because you are looking at my dining room which is filled with all my booth projects. So excuse the mess....Have a great day!!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

~ TMI - Too Much Information ~

" Did I tell you that Betty called me last night and told me that her new boyfriend wanted to try something a little more spicy. Betty said she told him to add more pepper to the gravy, but what he really wanted was to show her something hot and nasty. When he finally showed her, she said his hot and nasty ended up being short and bent."
" I can't believe that Candy thinks that people believe her breasts are real! " Everyone knows she took a little "vacation" last month. Did you know that last week she held open the elevator doors with her breasts-claimed that the reason she could do that was because of all her push-ups."

" My doctor told me that I would itch and burn for several days. I should be at home because I am very contagious, but I just couldn't pass up a day of shopping. I will try not to try on too many undergarments. Oh Well, they should clean all the clothes that have been tried on before because that is how I got sick."

" I struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts. My psychiatrist says that I have an Oedipus Complex. I am not quite sure what that means, but I bet it has something to do with eating too much sugar. I think it also has something to do with the rash I am developing around my chin. "

" My new boyfriend likes me to dress up like a child, says it makes him feel young again. Claims he will buy me whatever I want as long as I behave and do what he tells me to do. You never know what you can find on Craig's List."

" OMG! Did you hear about the size of Bob's......." TMI or too much information for those of you who have yet to hear that term used, is what my gal pal Barb always says when we hear something that we would have preferred not to hear. Case in point-have you ever worked a day or just simply went shopping to relax and had to be a part of someone's cell phone conversation? I say had to be, because we don't seem to have a choice but to listen to every gory detail of someone elses life. I recently had to ENDURE nearly an hour of a shopper's cell phone conversation while working. Let me tell you that people have no idea what other people think when they hear their conversation, or do they? Loud and obnoxious, rude and nasty, you name it and people talk about it. This blog is dedicated to everyone out there who has to endure, but does not want to. Judy, of Tapestries of Nature.blogspot hit the nail on the head with her recent comment to me. It is a wonder why I haven't touched on this subject sooner. I don't know about the rest of you, but I have had enough!!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

~ Saturday Night Fever ~

I thought it appropriate tonight to post some photos of Golightly's Gallery again. There have been more changes and I wanted to share them with you all... The front of the store is dedicated to Janet's items. She is the owner of Golightly's. Old and new combine to create a lovely setting that makes you want to take a deep breath and relax. Rustic darks and creams placed side by side. Janet's birthday is this week. Happy Birthday!!!! Sorry I missed your surprise party......

Friday, March 27, 2009

~ Cuddle Up ~

" Precious Pillow"
" Comfy and Cozy "

" Sit back and Relax "

" Sunny side up. "

" Dream Bedroom "

So here we are 4 days away from April and it is going to freeze? Geeezzz, I think we are going to be in for one HOT summer. What better to cuddle up with than a fluffy warm pillow. Yes, here we go again with my pillow fetish. Somehow they seem to complete the look in so many ways. Leave the pillows out of these photos and you just might die of boredom-I know I would. So snuggle up and stay warm and dont forget to grab your pillow......

~ Cottage Panache Part 2 ~

" Chandelier in a birdcage."
" Birds, flowers and old book planter...great look...."

" Looks like this doll has been well-loved."

" Creamy bed and rose vignettes."

" Front of store, but don't forget to go to the back cottage."

I am off to work but decided to add more pics of yesterdays little adventure to Cottage Panache. She will be having a sidewalk type sale on April 11th so if you are in the area stop by, you never know what you might find......

Thursday, March 26, 2009

~ Cottage Panache ~ Part 1

When you work at a place like Golightly's for as long as I have, you will undoubtedly meet great people and spend alot of time with great dealers. One of those dealers is Maureen. Maureen was at Golightly's for nearly 9 yrs, I think-give or take a few. She was forever itching to start her own store. She had already had her own store several years ago, so getting her own store again seemed natural for her. She opened Cottage Panache over a year ago and is still going strong. Although she does have a few dealers other than herself, the store is mainly filled with her wonderful treasures. She is located very close to Golightly's and Lone Star Antiques, so it would really be worth your while to stop by and shop at her cozy and elegant shop. I took several photos of her shop today and will post a few of those. She also has her own blog site now so feel free to contact her. To be cont....

~ The Shabby Y ~

"What bird wouldn't want to call this home?"

"My daughter Nina modeling one of the vintage hats.

Dorothy, of the "Shabby Y"at Lone Star Antiques, has the ladies flocking to her booth. And why not, her innovative design and knack for putting "odd" and vintage items together is remarkable. I remember being drawn to her stylish booth in the past when she was at another antique store. I am glad she made the move, and to a larger booth so she can really showcase her talent. Take a peek at her booth and tell me if is not to die for......

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

~ Marvelous Mannequins ~

" My fabulous purchase from yesterday." I even had to get the necklaces-it seemed ashame not to."
"This booth is the Shabby Y at Lonestar Antiques. Love her stuff!"

"Lynn's mannequin in her booth at Golightly's. Didn't last long!"

" Lynn's laundry room mannequin." Looks like Lynn might be washing her clothes."

"Lynn's mannequin in her living room. This one appeared especially disheveled-wonder if SR had anything to do with that?"

I was rummaging through some of my photos and noticed a pattern. I noticed that I have an affinity for taking pictures of mannequin forms. The more adorned the better, but some of the mannequin forms are quite lovely on their own. I am especially drawn to the fabric ones as they have already gained their beautiful tea-stained coloring over time. I have also noticed that they are getting harder and harder to find-at least the ones I like. If you are lucky enough to find them, then they are quite expensive. I think they are a justifiable extravagance! See for yourself.......

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

~ My 100th Post and a Fond Farewell...~

"Don't forget me for I will be back. I am not that easy to get rid of."
" My time has come to an end."

" When one door closes-you got it-another one opens! "

" A new beginning, just walk through the door."

" Love to all the ladies at Golightly's. I will miss being there, but I will be visiting often. Save all the gossip for me so I have something to Blog about. " Love Tiina.........

I can't believe that in such a short time I have completed 100 posts counting this one! I know most have a contest, but I already have one going on from one of my previous posts. I thought it appropriate to use my 100th post as my farewell to Golightly's Gallery and my booth there. Life has taken a turn for me and I have to make some important changes. I have truly loved all the years that I have been at Golightly's Gallery. Working and selling, and lets not forget the buying. I have grown as a dealer and a person and I owe that to my time spent there. Of course if you ask most of the dealers there they will disagree in the growing aspect and say that I have digressed and become an obnoxious prankster and the instigater of the NCC rule. NCC stands for No Crude Comments-sorry ladies I know I am outspoken and it is hard for me sometimes to control myself, but I wouldn't be me without all the excess baggage and my big mouth. (LOL). You couldn't ask for a better group of gals. As I leave and go forward I will always remember the friends that I have at Golightly's-and I will be sure and remind them of that when I go back to shop-makes for a better deal for me. I will be newly located at Lone Star Antiques to liquidate alot of my larger items. I have also been a dealer at Lone Star and am looking forward to going back. So never fear-I am not giving up entirely on the dealer thing-just downsizing and changing direction. Lone Star is in for a big surprise!!!....

Monday, March 23, 2009

~ What Ev ~

"Made it just in time. Who cares if they are closing in 5 minutes, I've worked all day and now I want to relax and shop. The store is much quieter at closing time anyway."
"When I shop at closing time I get a better deal because they want to get me out as quickly as possible." Sometimes I am lucky and they are in such a hurry that they forget to charge me. That makes it even more worthwhile."

"Really I don't know what all the fuss is about. I've spent all day at home watching TV and now I feel like I need to get out and move around a bit. What better place than a shop, and who cares what time it is, I need to buy things in order to be happy don't I? I think while I'm there I will see if the tea room is open-maybe they will serve me coffee and dessert before I start to shop."

"I find I get more emotionally charged after hours. The adrenaline starts to pump and I am ready to break open my wallet. Ooops! I forgot my wallet, oh well who cares there's alot of shopping to be done even if I can't buy it right now. I'll have them take my name and number and come back to get it at the same time tomorrow."

You might be wondering what the term "what ev" means, well for those of you who do not know it that means "whatever" for short. I find myself saying this an awful lot lately, but I guess it is better than saying a few other choice words I can think of. I bet you know where this post is going. I'm almost sure that everyone of us at one time or other has come upon the infamous "late shopper." I don't know about you, but after standing on my legs nearly 8 hours or longer, I am more than ready to get home and relax. What is it about closing time that seems so appealing for these few "special customers?" The customer that dashes to the door nearly killing themselves on the doorstep because they did not see it. Or the customer who nearly drives right through the store just to get your attention, not to mention the fact that if they would have come 7 inches closer you would be part of the back wall display. Hmmmmm....Or the customer who desperately has to use the bathroom-and if this is the case look out!!!, because 9 times out of 10 you will be staying after to clean up the mess that just got left behind. How about the customer that always seems to come at the same time every time-closing time. Do they not realize or care that we are closing the store and shopping hours are over? Or is there a special rule for for certain people that says they are only to start shopping at closing time? Is there a time change that these people are on and we are not aware of ? I can't seem to find the answers to these questions. There is one question that I can answer, and it is almost always the same answer every time. What do these customers buy? Absolutely nothing!

~ Heavenly Collections ~

What is it about an item that draws us in? Is it the color or the texture or simply the look of the piece. I have never really understood people's fascination with Ironstone pottery. What is it about the thick plastered pieces that make it so appealing? And even chipped, cracked, and especially heavily crazed (to the point of looky dirty) ironstone seems to be on everyones to have list. Lynn is especially fond of the "dirtier" pieces. I used to never understand what is was that was so special. A boring unadorned dish or pitcher with a very simple look, but over time gains a patina of age that comforts the eyes-especially eyes that are drawn to sepia tones and creams. And there you have it! I am hooked as well , and although I do not have a growing collection I am happy in the knowledge that I can break into Lynn's house anytime and get my fix......