Saturday, August 4, 2012

Greetings Deer Friends

Let me introduce my daughter's newest creation and inhabitant at our booth in the Lone Star Antique Mall in Watauga, Tx! Nothing like having a little fun with deer head taxidermy mounts and giving them new and unique personalities. This one happens to be a gypsy who is adorned with all vintage items and is simply saying a friendly hello!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

~ Time For a Change...~

I have always been fascinated in the way people's tastes have a tendancy to change whether it be food, fashion or decor. I have had those moments several times in my life. Today as I post this blog my wheels are spinning regarding my dining room. Now it is a buttery gold hue with chocolate accents. What if I decided to do a 180 and try out a little gray with pewter accents? Hmmmm...It would make the room lighter and brighter, and above everything else it would be a change. Now the work begins. Choose the paint, decide whether to accent with wall paper, and perhaps different furnishings? In the meantime I am posting some pics of my living room-will the color change in the dining room clash with the colors in my living room and kitchen? We shall see....