Saturday, May 30, 2009

~ Positively Primitive ~

First of all primitive is not my style, but it is very popular with those "other" type of people who don't seem to get the whole dreamy creamy thing...I say what the hay-different strokes for different folks. And because I am sooo obliging to my other dealer friends, I felt that they were being left out of the limelight. Primitives sell very, very well and what's more surprising is that there does not seem to be alot of work that needs to go into these pieces before they get sold. They usually sell as-is...That must be nice, but for some of us we work very hard to achieve that " worn " look that so many primitives already possess. The one thing that most primitives don't possess, in my opinion, is the cream coloring that I so love. So here's to the primitives in all their colored glory!!!!!......

Friday, May 29, 2009

~ Crafty Ideas ~

" Old Bottles "
" Old Cabinet Door "

" Shadowbox filled with Buttons "

" Gutted Clock Case "

" Vintage Price Label Thingy Stand "

Sometimes we run across certain items that by second glance take you by surprise. A rusty paint can or an old gutted out clock, or maybe even an old cabinet door. There are those people out there who have the talent of seeing these items in "their way". I so long to be one of those creative minds that can see the finished product before it gets started. It is a special talent!!! Lynn and Felicia are two of those people. Junk creative geniuses is what I will call them. They have an uncanny ability to utilize what most would consider trash, and not only that make it beautiful!!!! I am sooooo jealous right now, but am glad they do it. It gives me a starting point for some of the ideas I have running through my mind. Right now my mind is asleep but if it wakes up I will be ready to create.....I hope......

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

~ Booth Redo ~

Things are a little slower now in the selling department-so when the no-sale blues hit off I go to redo my space. Sorry if you are getting tired of looking at my space, but it is the one thing I am trying to be consistent with at least once a week. It really makes ALL the difference in selling. Even if something has sat for a decade-redoing will surely get it sold....Found another gauze canopy cover-sold one last week. I love it because it is not cheap but made extremely well and with creamy gauze (what more could you want.) I also decided to do the Japanese lantern white papery ball lights (without the lights). I suspended them from the new old gate piece that I laid across the top part of my space. This is the cheapest way to create a roof if you dont have one. Everyone knows that a successful booth is always one which has alot of chandeliers and lighting. Whoops!! I am a little short on those 2 things and one of my lightbulbs blew but I promise I will work on that. Flip flopped the furniture and brought in my dress forms and the little candles from the previous post. Not bad if I do say so myself. Rule of thumb is to try and not take out anything. Replace it and stack it and decorate it-you wont be disappointed!......

~ 7 More Things About Moi ~

I have been tagged by Shelley of Sweet Pea Home to do 7 more things about me......Well, lets see now.....

1) I have 2 lovely daughters-Alex and Nina. Alex is 13 going on 40 and Nina will be 25 in July. (Where does the time go?)

2) My mother is from Finland and I was born in Naples, Italy. (Military brat).

3) I love salted licorice (found some at the World Market store last week and have stuffed my face with it ever since.) Salted licorice is common in Finland, so I think that is where my bad habit started.

4) As I said before, I am a registered nurse by profession and I am particularly fond of elderly patients. And why not, who else would put up with my antics and still smile.

5) I love altered art-almost any kind-but especially the art utilizing vintage pieces and old, old cabinet photos.

6) I have a passion for watching Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Predjudice-who wouldnt be fond of these timeless classics.

7) Last but not least-I have a fondness for tall, dark and handsome men. I do not have one in my life, but a girl can dream can't she? Blue eyes would be a plus and great definition in the chest area wouldnt hurt either. Of course he would have to be a good listener, great father, good at building,painting, and fixing, and last but not least-worship the ground I walk on. Ok, I am getting a little carried away now. You get the picture......

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

~ Tiny Tuesday Project ~

" After "
" Before "

I am calling this a tiny project because it is very simple and the candles that I used are literally 2 inches high. I have used these tiny candles before where I simply hot glued an old vintage button to the front of them and that was it. They sold very well, until someone copied me and then I decided to stop making them. I was happy it lasted while it did. All of you are familiar with the store that these candles sometimes appear in-let's call that store TJ Maxx. They come in a long tube of about 12 and cost about $7.99. Next I got the glue (Elmer's) and found some pictures that I downloaded on line forever ago and ran them off in 2 inch circles on a piece of parchment paper. I liked the circles, but decided to cut around their heads to make it look a little more dimensional. I love these old black and white victorian looking women. you can also buy books that have these type of images at bookstores that sell illustration books with no copy right so you can run them off whenever the mood hits. Decoupage them, glue them, and use them....I sold each of the candles for about $2.50. Since votives are now higher than that, I think women love them because of the pictures and the fact that the candles are white. They do smell like vanilla, which I do not care for, but at least they are white and I am sure there are vanilla lovers out there. So for a very inexpensive project you can make a little extra cash, and both seller and dealer will be happy.....

Monday, May 25, 2009

~ Creative Collections ~

I have discovered that old vintage bowls can come in very handy with collections. Once used for cooking long ago, these lovely bowls are finding their way into our homes and being filled with the most wondrous things. And although it is delicious to lick chocolate cake mix from the bowl, I find there are no calories when you simply fill them with lovely trinkets......And just think of all the calories you will burn every time you walk past and jump up and down with pleasure by just looking at them.......

Sunday, May 24, 2009

~ 7 Things About Me ~


Theresa from Garden Antiqs has just tagged me....So here goes:

7 Things about me:

1) I love my family and friends-where would we be without them?

2) I am an RN by profession and am looking forward to going back to work just as soon as I can get my life back in order...Any suggestions on how to do that would be appreciated.

3) I love,love,love to eat ice and raw flax seeds. If someone were to cut me open I would be a frozen block of flax seeds......I feel it is much better than chewing fingernails or toenails for that matter....

4) I am single again (now for almost a year) after being in a relationship with the same man for over 20 years. Don't even ask me the reason for the breakup or blogger will not have enough space for me to post about it. Let's just say those famous 3 words-Mid-Life Crisis!!! (and I am not referring to me.)

5) Next to eating ice and flax seeds I love to "junk" shop. There is no better high than finding that perfect whatever it is!!! And if you get it at a great price-that is a double delight...

6) Love to decorate and paint. Even if it is a small little cracker box of a booth-you can let your creative juices flow and not worry about it. Because in the end paint is just paint and it is easy to change.

7) I am especially fond of great magazines, decorating and cooking shows, HGTV, and anything that gets the imagination going. There is such a diversity of people and ideas out there. The Before and After is what I am looking for.....

There you have it. That was easier than I thought. Once I post this I am sure I will say to myself how dumb-you should have thought of more important things. But these are important to me-at least for today......

Saturday, May 23, 2009

~ Baby Steps ~

I adore old baby shoes. Is it me or are the nicer ones getting harder to find and more expensive? Lynn has a fondness for shoes as well, thank goodness so I can take pictures and show you.....So sweet and tiny...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

~ The Man, The Myth, The Legend.....~

" Don't be fooled by his sweet and caring face..." (By the way that's Miki -even he knows not to look directly into SR's eyes).
" Trying to hide from the camera or is that one of those antique peep show devices that Sony has just put out. Boy, every man in America is going to want one of those! I bet SR hides his right along with his growing Playboy book collection....Mr All-American isn't he? "

" Well, need I say more....First of all your underwear belongs in a drawer, second of all is that holes I see? Good grief! if you have an itchy rash do something about it. There are creams for that now! Thirdly, let's not even discuss all the stains.....Next, I suppose you will claim that those are tea-stained and that Lynn did it....."

It has been brought to my attention several times by several women, that it is about time to reveal the character behind all the stories....I am talking of course about SR (Lynn's hubby). How many men do you know would have put up with all the stories and hard times I have given this man-probably not tooooo many. He has been a great sport! I thought I would give everyone a little history about this unique man. He was raised by loving parents in a side show carnival. The carnival began in Mexico City and migrated over to Texas. His mother was a trapeze artist and his father was the guy they shot out of the cannon. SR (which stands for Severo) originally started out feeding the Lions and then graduated to being the Bearded Lady. No one knew he was a boy, so why force the issue if you can make a buck. I believe this is where SR's love for dressing up in women's clothing originated. Anyway, let's get back to his childhood. His grandparents were also part of the carnival. His grandfather swallowed swords up until the day he ruptured his gut with a rusty blade and passed away from Lock Jaw. And although his grandmother was devastated by her husband's passing, she continued on as the beloved Wolf Woman. She could be seen chasing cattle at midnight by the full moon. Unfortunately, one night she got too close to a steer and she was kicked so hard that they still haven't found her. What a wondrous childhood SR must have had. Now we know why he does the things he does. With a family history such as this, one cannot help but to feel compassion and love for this man. Both tragic and strange at the same time. Now we know why we need to steer clear of him at fleamarkets and garage sales. I can't even begin to imagine what memories he must have stored away. So ladies if you happen to bump into him or see him approaching run for your lives-your fleamarket treasures could be in jeopardy. But beware he is a man of many disguises-a chameleon of sorts. A devil in disguise dressed as an old woman.....Beware.......

~ Strolling Along ~

" Jennifer "
" Denis "

" Lydia "

" Funky Monkey "

Since I am still unable to load my original pictures for the blog that should have happened yesterday, I will try some other ones. I took a little stroll through Lone Star the other day and was amazed at the varity of items people have. The differences in the booths are also amazing. I am glad that everyone is unique in their own way and especially in their styles. Makes the world much more colorful and fun.....Although my heart belongs to the creams,whites and sepia tones-I always love to take a walk on the wild side.....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

~ Tuesday Redo ~

You guessed it, back to Lone Star today and my house feels so much more empty and open. No more of those stubbed toes and bruised shins (for both my girls and myself). I have had this sofa table in my kitchen for the last month or longer. As for the desk, that has been in my dining room and is now out. The aqua blue dresser that I painted (drawers only) has had to have been in my living room for 2 months-all out and in the booth. Whew!!! It is alot of work but sooo worth it when it makes its final destination. Now hopefully they will sell and I will be doing more gripping about my house full of obstacles. I wish I could do what my oldest daughter says and treat our house like my booth. Decorate the walls, paint the furniture to match and fill the room. The problem is you dont make money doing that and right now money is too important to pass up. So-my booth will look put together and my house will be in disarray..Oh well, the sacrifices we must make....

Monday, May 18, 2009

~ Small Details ~

" Lynn's decked out dresser......"
" Lisa's beautifully upholstered child's chair....."

" Melissa and Jennifer's Centerpiece..."

" Bobbette's beautiful original painting....."

" Lisa's full table......"

Spent all day painting yesterday to load up my booth at Lone Star. It was a good weekend with most of my furniture selling. (Thank goodness!) While at Golightly's the other day I captured a few photos.....

Saturday, May 16, 2009

~ Accessorize ~

It's raining again, and although we need it, once again I am stuck in the house. Did a little visiting to my old haunt Golightly's Antiques and knew that Lynn had redone her space before departing on another weekend to the lake (lucky bum). I call this post accessorize because to me Lynn is the accessory queen or is it SR is the accessory king? Whichever way it goes the booth was redone and fabulous. Lets take a peek shall we?....