Saturday, December 25, 2010

~ Merry Christmas...~

~ Cottage Panache...~
~ Cottage Panache...~

~ Cottage Panache...~

A very Merry Christmas to everyone.....Hope the New Year brings much happiness for everyone!!!.....

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

~ Chilly Comfort...~

~ Dining Room....~
~ Fire Place Mantel...~

~ Cottage Panache...~

~ Lynn's Kitchen...~

~ Lynn's Kitchen...~

After a sweaty day yesterday, winter has come back. Christmas is but days away. Have I finished with anything? No, but I have learned you need to take life easy and not fret over the small stuff. Decided to do a Country Christmas meal so I guess chicken of some sort will be on the menu. I do love Turkey and Ham, but it gets a little tiring to keep repeating Thanksgiving and Christmas meals that are about the same. Listening to lovely Christmas music makes me happy and adds to the overall Christmas feel. Now all we need is a little bit of snow......

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

~ Icy White...~

Ok, so I have been lazy in the decorating department. Finally feel I have a wee bit accomplished. Remember the $6.00 Thrift Town tree I told you about, well it is now dressed up. Paper white bells and silver and white balls. A little vintage bits and pieces here and there and the $6.00 tree doesn't look so bad...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

~ Cottage Christmas...~

My dear friend Maureen had her Christmas sale this weekend at her shop Cottage Panache. Creams and whites and silvers and blues....Wonderful deals and gorgeous eye candy throughout the store. Visit her at 7277 Glenview Dr in Richland Hills, Texas 817-595-4040. ..

Saturday, December 11, 2010

~ Silver and Gold...~

~ Booth Redo at Barb's in Golightly's Antiques.....~

Those last days of holiday shopping are quickly approaching. I am happy to report that a small trip to the local Thrift Town awarded me with a sweet beat up $6.00 small white Christmas tree. I will post some pics soon, as I have yet to decorate the small frail thing. In the meantime, here are more photos of completed vignettes...

Friday, December 10, 2010

~ Clearly Christmas...~

It's that time of the year again, and isn't it funny how seeing decorations makes you get into the mood . I have been roaming a bit and have taken several Christmas pictures. I get ideas on decorating and what colors are hot this year. Golightly's Antiques always has a fabulous lay out for Christmas. The vignettes are also color coded if you can call it that. Greens and turquoise blues to creams and pinks.... ( 5505 Davis Blvd in North Richland Hills Tx)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

~ A Chill in The Air...~

~ Tinsel is as far as I have gotten to Christmas decorating...~

~ Remember when these books were all over the place. Scraps of fabric and old cabinet photos added. I love it. This one was done by Felicia of Bountiful....~

~ These lovely old gals are on my mom's ETSY all for one price-kind scary.....FrenchBlueVelvet is her name.....~

I still have not decorated for Christmas. I hope I am not the only one. Do I want a white tree or a green tree? I have always done the flocked tree thingy, but this Christmas I am wondering if I want to do green and downsize. I better make up my mind or Christmas will pass me by before I decide. So many things to do and catch up on now that I feel better. Should I sprinkle white lights on the ground? Should I hang a wreath on the door? Maybe I will win the lottery and take off for Tuscany and never return....One can always dream.......

Friday, December 3, 2010

~ New Beginnings.....~

Word has it that there is a new antique store opening today. I had to check it out myself. Antique Emporium located in North Richland Hills Texas boasts several dealers that I have worked with and several I have not. If you are smitten by primitives, you won't be disappointed. Chippy crackly furniture and vintage goodies are around every corner. The mall is nearly full and still has several dealers coming. And yes, there is a tearoom ready for you to rest and enjoy lunch. This venture has been a life long dream for Mario and his wife Lourdes. Congratulations on your grand opening and best of luck !!!! ......... 6801 NE Loop 820 NRH,TX........ (817)485-3030

Thursday, December 2, 2010

~ Fresh Start...~

My friend Barb has returned to Golightly's Antiques and has a new space. After a refreshing hiatus of nearly 2 years, she decided it was time to take the plunge again and regain her previous spot. Creams and blacks and Christmas, what more could you ask. And just in time for Golightly's Christmas open house which starts tonight and continues through the weekend. Barb is always such a fun and bubbly gal. We had fun together decorating her spot. I knew this girl was way past coming back to Golightly's when I heard her say she dreamed about her booth all night!!! Sorry Bill, I think your wife is a goner.....

Saturday, November 27, 2010

~ Out and About...~

~ My Muslin Rag Wreaths for ETSY of course...~
~ Project in the Making...~

~ Wonderful Old Books on my ETSY...~

~ Fantastic Pr of Lamps Found on One of My Shopping Fits....~

Well, I am the poster child for shopping deprivation. I finally feel good and out I go to shop. Is that an illness as well? I have to say it sure makes me feel better. Slowly adding to my kitchen hutch goodies. Thinking about what Christmas decorations to start with. Would love love love to get a cream colored tree. Where did they all go? Used to be able to find them at Thrift Town or Goodwill. I guess I am not the only one looking for them. Began making muslin rag wreaths again-I do love the natural muslin color. The neighborhood here is already filled with Christmas lights and colors. I love this time of year, especially when one is feeling well.....

Sunday, November 21, 2010

~ Out With The New-In With The Old...~

~ Now it is time to upgrade that out dated light fixture...~
~ Time to collect more treasures to store in this piece...~

~ Before...~

If anyone would have told me that my love for vintage and worn objects would out weigh my love for new goodies, I would have told them they were crazy. Well, I will have to eat those words. I continue to be drawn to the old vintage loved objects whether small or large. Yesterday, my friend Barb decided she needed to make a change in her home which lead to a change in mine. Take out the tall black and brown cabinet in her front door and bring it to Tiina for her boring and empty kitchen wall. Well, although I am a fan of black and natural brown, it just didn't feel right with my colors. In comes the Martha Stewart colors in differing shades of grey. Light on the outside and darker on the inside. Should I stain or not? Hmm....Haven't decided yet, but at least the piece has been painted and distressed. Just in time for Thanksgiving...