Monday, July 13, 2009

~ Creamy Toppings ~

Ok, so now I am on a roll. Spent a few hours with my gal pal Lynn today at Lone Star taking in a few items. The weather is very, very draining and I am having a heck of a time getting things done-at least the type of things that require going out of doors. It is even exhausting to walk from my front door to the truck-MISERABLE......Anyway, with Lynn's help and coaxing off we went. With my space rearranged and a few more pieces of furniture I was satisfied-Thanks Lynn for getting me going !!!! Here are some more lovely photos of Lynn's lovely treasures......


  1. The aquarium vignette is absolutely wonderful!

  2. Oh I love these dreamy creamies Tiina!
    I feel your sweat's been helluva HOT here in the South. My suggestion? Just stay indoors and keep posting these beautiful photos and we'll all be alright!!! ;)
    everything vintage

  3. Sweet title...I was expecting frosting on a cupcake, cream cheese on fruit and dreamy whip cream!
    Glad you got a boost from Lynn, sometimes that's all it takes.
    Our weather is only 88 today, we have no humidity, so its a perfect outdoor workday, however by fri. sat. sunday its 100 still not much himudity. dont know how you live with it! It does feel nice but heavy.
    Love your pictures.

  4. LOVE the aquarium! Looks gorgeous! They all do!

    So, so talented!

    Stay cool...

    Lou Cinda :)

  5. i am glad i don't live near you, or i would be poor. you shop is beautiful, i always want everything.

  6. I never know where to start! Everythin gyou, & obviously Lynn, do is excellent. Love it all! TTFN ~Marydon

  7. Lovely they are!!! .... Simply dreammmmmmy! Have a nice day

  8. Great eye candy, everything looks fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  9. Hi Tiina,
    Love the toppings in you photos. I feel satisfied now with sweetness and can go about my day. Thank you for the loveliness you bring to us.

  10. Okay...I have to jump in my car and go to LoneStar to see what you guys have done! You two together are very dangerous. Better not forget my credit card!

  11. Good Morning Tina,
    The heat sounds suffocating, funny weather this year...we have been cool in the midwest.
    Your pictures are breathtaking... I would even tollerate the heat to shop at your store.
    Thanks for the inspitation.

  12. What a wonderful blog. I so enjoyed visiting and shall return. Love the vintage botton and threads. Sharon

  13. What a treat for the eyes,thanks!!! Chrissy

  14. Love the aquarium! Is that decoupaged newspaper? Very striking, Tina!