Monday, November 30, 2009

~ Christmas in the Air ~

Well, tomorrow we are finally in December. Another Christmas is on its way. I started to put up my tree and decided that this year I will have to lift it off the floor so our dear little Presley won't be tempted to eat the flocking. I am not quite sure if I like it lifted, but I don't need unwanted vet bills. The table is simply a cheapy one from Goodwill that I covered in lace tablecloths. I have not yet started to put many ornaments as I still haven't decided what I want to put on the tree. I did find all my lace trims and some cheesecloth (trying not to spend money this Christmas since I have so much stuff), so I am slowly digging through the garage. I have had a fun time searching for wooden candle sticks to paint. I added a few more to my dining table and my new cherub centerpiece. Since the old antique alter candles are so high-just find some cheap ones and paint them all the same color. Add some lace and old ornaments and it will look simple and lovely. I love the mercury glass ornaments, but those seem to be hard to find this year as well. Hmmmmmm.....My wheels need to start spinning so I can get that once in a month burst of ideas.....


  1. Your Christmas decor is stunning. The tree is so pretty, I did not even notice it did not have ornaments until I read your post. I saw your previous post and could not imagine how you could improve the centerpiece on the table, but you did!
    Love it all:-)

  2. You go, I think it looks fab. I think your wheels have been spinning for years.

  3. Lovely, as is everything you do.
    Merry Christmas.

  4. Looking just beautiful there. I really like the raised up Christmas tree!

  5. Your tree looks so elegant just the way it is.

    and all those candlesticks. great idea to paint them to bring it all together.
    Simple, and beautiful and wonderful


    barbara jean

  6. Oh my! Your tree and the room look glorious!! Divine! I can't imagine anyone being able to make it more wonderful than it already is!! I love using all the lace - I've been crazy about it forever.

    Dining room is so lovely too. I'm still yearning for your wideboard that you put together. Okay, I have to go back and look at them all over again before I go...

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  7. Looks beautiful.. the lace and cheescloth trim..It does not even need more...I like the idea of lace under the tree..I may just dig up some of my old cream lace panels and see how it looks...this year we have a white silver and crystal tree...this inspired me!

  8. Absolutely breath taking pictures!!!! Have a nice Tuesday!!

  9. I think I said this before, but it bears repeating...I love the candlesticks. I'll be stealing, I mean borrowing that just watch and see!
    I love the tree just like it is, but I'm sure it will be fabulouser (is that a word) with more layering as only you can do.
    That mannequin is to 2die4 gorgeous! Oh my stars!!!

  10. Beautiful !! Oh my gosh !!
    I think I want to just move in ~

  11. Oh how beautiful!!!!! You tree is simply divine!!! I love your blog and am now a follower

  12. WOW! So gorgeous and festive...and to think you have achieved this without spending very much money...even better...I am so impressed!
    You have a beautiful blog and a stunning banner,

  13. Glad to see that the cherubs worked out for ya Tiina! All is lovely as usual.

  14. Heavenly, exquisite, and oh so charming. Love the dreamy creams. And I love the soothing music.

    Robin's Egg Blues

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