Monday, December 14, 2009

~ Cottage Panache ~

My friend Maureen has recently relocated to a new area. Just right across the street from her old address on Glenview Drive. I visited with her a few days ago and wanted to post some pics of her new shop. More Christmas finds and special gifts. She has done a fantastic job in such a short time. She still has dealer space available for any of you gals out there interested. Her shop number is: 817-595-4040. She does have a website and blog as well. is where you can find her. Stop by and visit her if you get the chance......


  1. What a beautiful shop. I wish I could go there.
    Lots of lovelies to choose from. How nice of you to feature your friend's shop.

  2. Shop??? wow, I was about to write that I would love to just move in there :) It is all so beautiful, thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures. Besos, Rose

  3. What a pretty blog! I just came across it and just love it! I am definitely a follower now! I saw the pictures of your mother and father. How sweet those photos are! I am sorry to hear your father is ill. I hope he is doing better. He will be in my prayers. You see, I totally understand. I watched my father suffer form heart disease for 10 long years before he passed away 18 months ago. I have a real passion to help fight heart disease now. It's so great to see you post the old photos of your parents. I am a sentimentalist and just LOVE cherishing those old photos. I sell necklaces in my etsy shop that benefit the American Heart Association. I wear an old sepia tone photo of my father from the 40's when he was in college around my neck everyday. It makes me feel better to know I have him near. I just love and appreciate those
    old photos. Anything vintage is so cool.
    Your shop is just what I love with all that vintage creamy look. Good job...I will be back for more.
    Have a good day and I hope your father is doing better!