Thursday, January 13, 2011

~ A Big Hello...~

~ Sweet Sushi who appears to have snuck a little Nyquil...~
~ Mr Presley...Sporting a red moustache..~

~ Mr Charley...~ (Great Smile)

The New Year has arrived and I have been nursing a cold for over a week. I felt I needed a blog fix so I decided to post a couple pics of some cuties. Charley is Lynn's newest baby. He is a Yorkie Poodle mix-and has the ears to prove it!!!. And then there is my Presley who seems to have become my shadow. Let's not forget my sweet Sushi who prefers the warmth of a robe and a free ride....


  1. They are so cute! I was sick for a week after New Years and my 2 Chihuahua's were loving me wrapped up on the sofa! Feel better!~Patti

  2. Too Funny, Sweet Sushi looks like he is tired or had a drink.. Love it... and the santa suit, just darling...
    Thanks for Sharing the cute doggy pictures, always makes me smile

  3. adorable...sure hope you get to feeling like your old self soon! Hugs and Blessings! ~Cheryl

  4. Ooooh all your poochies make me smile! They are all adorable. I just rescued a new little girl after losing my beloved boy back in Oct. She is quite a handful! Puppy energy compared to "old guy" energy is so very different. haha

    Hope you're enjoying 2011!

  5. Your sweet friends must be great company...very are so darling.
    Hope you are doing a LOT better now. Don't we just HATE to be sick ?

    BTW....back about a year or two had a darling pillow(s) or purse or something(s) so darling... on your HEADER...are those in your personal collection...or are they still for sale ?
    Just curious. I would remember what they were if I saw a picture of them again.
    Please Email me or comment on my BLOG...if you have a shot of them.
    Thank You,

  6. Such cute pooches, love that Charley dog. Best smile on such a cutie! Hope you feel much better soon.

  7. Nothing like a fur baby to help make you feel better! Great smile, Mr.Charley!

  8. These are all such cutie patooties! I have a Rat Terrier "Scout" who looks like a slightly larger version of Sushi. Charley should be featured in a toothpaste commercial!


  9. Charley does have a wonderful smile!
    All so cute ~