Monday, February 16, 2009

~Contest Prize Revealed~

Ok, so I am terrible at keeping secrets. I decided to post a pic of the goodies that the winner of the story contest will receive. I have really gotten some amazing stories recently. I am dumbfounded by the utter genious of these tales. I am good at coming up with a quick little joke or comment, but these stories could be published works. I will definitely have another one of these contests, as there are sooo many wonderful old photos just waiting for a new life history. Everything you see in the photo is part of the prize including the lovely doily that everything is resting on. Good Luck!!!!


  1. What a great prize. I know one of our fellow bloggers that's great at stories (hint: she talks a lot of trash!)

  2. Your prize would make a great collage! Do I need to send an entry to your e-mail? I just did a quick one as a comment. (Is Ms. T. talking trash about moi?) Debbie

  3. Hi! I stopped in from Garden Antqs Vintage blog and I really like your blog. May I add you to my blog list? I'll be visiting often.


  4. Yummy stuff...I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
    everything vintage

  5. Just Dropping in to say Hello!