Friday, February 13, 2009

Lunch with Lynn

You guessed it, another Friday another lunch with Lynn. And since we are on the L kick-lunch at Lone Star antiques. Felicia doesnt start with an L, but you gotta love her frenchy, creamy booth. Once again we were captured by her fantastic pillows. Lynn indulged in yet another one whereas I have to act like I am on a budget. Here are some new photos of her space. Don't even get me to talking about the sweet owners of Lone Star Jennifer and Ronnie. I know they think nobody knows, but there was a search in the store for Jennifer at a vital time in the tearoom and she was nowhere to be found. All I heard was 911 from the waitresses. Being the concerned citizens as I and Lynn are we immediately went into panic mode and began the search. Well, disaster averted-shortly thereafter Jennifer appeared with a smile on her lovely face. Ronnie tried to tell us that he needed her in the storage area of the shop. Yeah Right! Hmmmm...did I see a bead of sweat drip from his forehead? The storage has now been renamed Private Sector-go figure.....

1 comment:

  1. What a great booth! I could spend lots of money there:)

    BTW, our dog is in fact named for Miss Lizzy Bennett from Pride and Prejudice:)