Thursday, April 16, 2009

~ Barb's Bedroom ~

I have been listening to Barb ( my gal pal ) talking about all the wonderful things she has been doing to her house. She has especially been excited about her " Purple " room. And although it is not purple, but more of a plum/eggplant color, I think it turned out beautifully. Of course, the accent color is cream and she has mixed in some golds as well. Her corner is dedicated to her mannequin collection-and you know how we all love those! She has placed a fireplace mantel at the opposite wall of her bed and fashioned a velvet drape panel across the mantel opening. The remainder of the panel was used as cord covers for her lovely sconces. The floral picture is to die for and her dresser and vanity-well, I will let them speak for themselves. The bed is much more beautiful in person, but the light shining from the window did not want to cooperate with my camera. She has also done some remodeling in her kitchen, living room, another guest room, and she is now working on her first grandchild's nursery. Can't wait to see that! Tonight I am focusing on the plum guest quarters......


  1. Barb's bedroom looks "bed and breakfast" ready. Is she taking reservations?

    And Tiina, thank you for those lovely comments on my art!

  2. Barb certainly has some beautiful pieces in her lovely bedroom. Plum and cream goes so well together. In fact I had those colors in one of my rooms. I'm now in the process of changing the color to something else, and going to sell some items with those colors.

    I do hope your able to share more of her home with us. It has been a real treat- Thanks

  3. I love the color of eggplant! Beautiful room...she should be very proud of herself.

  4. Beautiful photos..eggplant and a pastel egplant has been my bathroom colors for years, I never tire of it.
    How is Lynn doing with the camera??
    Have a nice weekend Tiina!

  5. What a beautiful and opulent room! The colour is stunning and fits perfectly... Mira!

  6. The room is beautiful and very soothing:)

  7. Wow...What a pretty room! I'm lovin the oak buffet painted white! And the vanity too!