Friday, April 3, 2009

~ Laughing at Lone Star ~

" Wow! the booth is almost as white as my daughter's face!" You can barely see the texture of the papered walls-hopefully after 2morrow we will see it.
" The before color-nice, but ready for an upgrade."

"Geezzz Loueezz.....I have got to tell Jennifer about this woman hiding in the layaway area. Trying to act like she is playing a family game. Come on now-Triple your Score and Pick up Sticks-sounds like the movies my ex checked out the day before I kicked him out!!"

"Doesn't this sign speak for itself. Would you ever go into a place where you are greeted with this man's face?" I better get used to it because it is in the booth right across from me. "

" OK now, I have seen some strange things, but this takes the cake!" And you guessed it, this booth is to the right of my new booth. Wow! Am I in for it or what? Let's see now, I have the grinning perv staring at my booth with his vacancy sign. And I have the odd couple next door who must think that Lone Star is a cheap motel. It really doesnt surprise me at all...I remember catching Barbie and the Hulk in a precarious position just a few short weeks ago." What is this world coming to?"

I am in the slow process of beginning the initial stages of painting my new booth at Lone Star Antiques. The picture of the booth I am posting tonight is the before picture. The booth had already been papered with the brown bag type paper. I myself prefer to paper with plain old tissue paper because it seems to give a delicate cracked egg appearance and is very easy to paint. Anyway, the buttercream yellow is now painted an antique white cream. It did end up being a little lighter than I wanted, but that is where the stain will come into play. Today I took my trusty projector and with my transparency of a french rubber stamp (french script) I used a brown acrylic paint pen to trace the words onto the wall. OK, tomorrow I will head back and stain the walls to see if I like the effect, and to see if the brown script disappears with the brown stain-I hope not. I am also posting some pics of my surroundings near the booth.....Sometimes crazy things go on in dealers booths..........


  1. What you're doing sounds beautiful! I can't wait to see it!

  2. well..sounds like you'll fit right in! ;) have a productive weekend! can't wait to see you new photos!

  3. I hear ya! I have some really bizarre items for sale on either side of my booth! I always laugh when I see them... and hope a buyer comes in soon!!! It sounds really nice what your booth is smaller and we can't paint..can't wait to see more pictures! Marlene from Cambria

  4. I can't wait to see it finished. I have always woundered what shades of cream you use and what stain.
    -Cheers, Amy

  5. It will be interesting to "live" there with that kind of "neighbors"!