Friday, April 17, 2009

~ Romantic Red ~

" How did we ever do without cloudy rhinestones?"
" Lovely red with a neat old headboard attached to the wall and mantel for headboard."

Fabulous Family Ephemera and Photos....

Red mantel....Black Shutters.....Fabulous gold framed mirror.....

Old clock gutted and old puppy print added...

Ok, lets continue to another room in Barb's house. The color here-reds. I love the old fireplace mantel for the headboard and the stacking of frames.....She also has a wonderful (unpainted) lawyer bookcase filled with all of her own family memorabilia (love it!). Red fireplace mantel on the opposite side with black shutters on each side. Sweet old clock gutted and dog print added-great idea! Let's not forget a closeup of one of her mannequins complete with the most awesomest cloudy rhinestone necklaces.....


  1. Everything is just lovely! I really like the shudders and the mantel-great idea!

    I wanted to let you know that you have inspired many people in the Atlanta area. I am visiting this week and have been antiquing. I met two different dealers who are making the pocket pillows like the ones in your banner because they were inspired by your blog:) Just thought you would like to know:)



  2. Barb's house is stunning! And aren't you sweet to do all this picture taking to share with us! Thank you for sharing the ideas. I do love the cabinet with the family photos. And covet the maniquins. Sorry we did not make it out to Lone Star today. The weatherman just was so wishy washy about storms, hail, possible tornados... You know, typical Spring weather for usxas. The sirens went off here in my neighborhood at 9 AM. I decided i did not want to chance hail on my less than year old van if I didn't HAVE TO! Will you be there on Saturday? Are you planning any other day next week? Can't wait to see your booth & meet you!

  3. I am so excited to stumble upon your blog !! I knew I recognized some of the treasures and then read you are from Fort Worth ~
    Where is your spot ? Are you Bountiful ?
    Wow !! What a small world the blogging world is ~
    Pretty pretty !

  4. Wow!!
    Love this.
    That mantle head board is a fabulous idea, and the grouping on it so nice.

    Love the fireplace and shutters too.

    Thanks for all the great pics.

    Barbara Jean

  5. I love the old puppy print added to the clock.