Monday, April 27, 2009

~ Mundane Monday ~

" Woe is me..."
" Cottage Panache "

" Funky Monkey "

" Sweet gift from Lynn....."

We finally got the well deserved and overdue rain that we needed. Unfortunately, if your a/c is out like mine has been since Wednesday night, the a/c people have to wait for it to stop raining. Thank goodness the weather has been very mild. So no a/c repair today, and an entire day gone. Tomorrow they will come if there is no rain. Oh well, things could be alot worse. So I am tired of being tired and feeling that a day was wasted. Digging into my diminishing photo folder I decided to post some more of my favorite things. I need to get reinspired and get out there and start clicking some more pictures. It will be alot easier when the rain stops and the a/c is running.....


  1. The rain can be such a downer. On good for watering the plants and lawn and for nap time!
    Love that sweet little doll. We went through the air conditioning plight last year and waited for days to get someone out. First it was the outside unit - replaced - that didn't fix it cause they then realized the blower was blown!!??
    Took more days for them to come back and do that. What a nightmare - oh and it was in August!!! Hang in there Tiina.

  2. View the rain as a cleansing rather than a "downer" and do beautiful work, and this will pass :)

  3. i just love visits to your blog - so many beautiful photos:)

  4. Beautiful old things....

    Have a sunny week!


  5. That doll from Lynn is the cutest!! Maybe you can head to Canton this week and that'll lift your spirits, I know it will mine! Hope the weather is good your way today, T

  6. No AC in Texas is BAD!!!! I will hope for your sake that they come fix it today. But, we did need the rain so badly.

  7. I think my Monday was mundane too... I sat and watched the rain in the afternoon... took photos and blogged about them... LOL... what an exciting life I lead down here in French Lique!