Sunday, April 5, 2009

~ Trashy or Trendy ~

" Awesome Arbor "

" Old Bike and Chandelier "

" Front Door "

" Front Yard "

It's been a while since I have blogged about my dear friends Lynn and SR. Well, the wait is over. Even though I have been in the throws of my new booth creation at Lone Star, I have not forgotten the dilemma that arose at the Rodriguez homestead yesterday. And you might have guessed who was the cause of it all....SR of course. I have to say the man is a sweety pie and you couldn't ask for a better husband ( or could you ) LOL...I guess while Lynn was having a gardening epiphany, SR was calling it trash. Lynn was having these fantastic moments of blissful creativity and SR was having a midlife meltdown. What else could you call it but that? Lynn was having SR hang things on the fence to add to their already shabby and funky yard decor. He got frustrated , as most men do, and blatantly called her endeavors TRASH. Glad I wasn't there or he would have had both of us to contend with, and not in the way SR would have wished (get your minds out of the gutter). You know it strikes me as odd how SR should be so unfeeling at a time of renewal and Springness. Did your Playboy magazine not arrive in the mail yet? Did you not eat enough fiber? Did you not get to Blockbuster in time to check out Hot Chicks with Double D's? Whatever his reasons were for ripping a hole in Lynn's heart, I am sure he learned his lesson that evening. Men need to remember that when women get their feelings hurt, there's no dessert! (put your minds back into the gutter.) Enjoy Lynn and SR's yard.........To be Cont.....


  1. Tiina I must thank you for being on my side. It was just awful yesterday when SR said that my ideas were ridiculous and that the neighbors for sure would be calling the city. Well, after I stormed off (in a very mature way of course) SR realized his foolishness and apologized and them hung everything I wanted with out anymore commentary(wise decision). The rest of the day went off without a hitch. Luv ya, Lynn

  2. I cannot tell you how much I missed reading your blog, made me want to find someone with a laptop just so that I could read yours (and don't think I didn't try)! I so wish you could have made it to Warrenton. Would you believe two people came looking for you, they thought you were setting up in Warrenton. Okay, now that I've placed the thought in your head, you and Lynn should seriously consider this idea!! For the 100th time, I just love her home and all she does!

  3. LOL... no dessert... My Ricky says that a happy wife makes a happy hubby... and he would never laugh at my junk... of course... he has enough of his own junk to fill to storage facilities... so he totally "gets" my junk...

    I hope to be in the Dallas area after Memorial Day weekend... and I hope to visit your beautiful booth at Lonestar... but maybe I should just do a llittle yard sale shopping at Lynn's first!

    have a blessed Holy Week... and Easter. Dixie

  4. I'm right there with you and Lynn, if you need any help with SR. (Get your minds out of the gutter.)Love everything Lynn does with anything.Thank you Tiina for sharing your pics with us so we can drool over them.
    Hugs, June

  5. some men......... will never
    do you know that desserts spelled backward is stressed...... which would he rather have?? teehee

  6. Trendy! Some men just don't have the vision. He seems bright, though, he came to his senses! Ha!


  7. Wait till she is published,,,then he will see the value in the treasures. But maby she has been published..??? The chanedlier is wonderful.