Sunday, April 19, 2009

~ Simple Sunday Projects ~

Now I am going to sidetrack a bit. I did not stain the display case as I should have (maybe tonight) but I did start decoupaging my small mannequin that I bought the other day. I ripped off the fabric and used my Matte Decoupage Medium and an old dictionary to assist me in the transformation. I love old book pages that have just the right aged coloring. I also attempted to do the blackened mirror square. I used the round pea pebbles to cover the entire mirror square and then spray painted over the entire thing. Oh well, rather than looking like an old smoky mirror it kinda looks like an old leopard mirror. Maybe I need to try the real small gravel rather than the round stones? I will try again.. The jar full of doilies sold the day after I took them to my space so I made another one. The flower on the tag is cute isn't it? I bought them from a lady on ETSY. She appears to take apart fake flowers and then stamps words on the petals and puts the flowers back together again. So cute!!! I bought some flowers on sale today at Micheals and will try this myself. I made some more coffee stained tags, and I shredded some old piano roll paper-I think the color of the paper is wonderful and it is a little different from the usual shredded music sheets or old book pages.....


  1. I have been doing the same thing to a mannequin I bought sometime back! She had wax spilled on her, so I figured why not glue something on her! I put my pages in a random pattern! She looks good, just not finished with her yet! Love the flower idea with words stamped on them!

  2. Tiina, you are amazing.....all these projects! I love every idea! It does not surprise me you sold that apothecary jar with the lace...absolutely beautiful. Thank you for your wonderful ideas....just love your blog. I need to find a mannequin!

  3. wonderful, creative ideas as always! love the jar with doilies... and the mannequin is fabulous! I'm using the beautiful tags you sent me as book marks.. they're perfect!
    blessings. Dixie

  4. Everyone of your projects has turned out wonderful. So pat yourself on the back my friend and thanks for the inspirations

  5. What a wonderful blog you have...thank you for your visit....I sure will be back....and I love your blog title....
    Mo :-)

  6. Ohh my god.. I can't believe it.. What for wonderful idea and very clever you are!
    I just love your blog!!
    ^_^Piitis from Finland