Wednesday, April 22, 2009

~ Chatterings ~

" Motivation! I am only motivated when I start my day with a box of chocolates and champagne"
" Will she or won't she? "

" Sure she will, her profit was 3 trillion dollars last year-or was that the deficit? "

" Well, I don't care about the rest of you people, but I am off to the tearoom to show off my new spring hat. I adore this hat! It covers my plastic surgery scars, hides my face from my adoring fans, and doubles as an umbrella when it is raining outside-what more could one want! "

Well, am I motivated or not? Should I head to Lone Star and try to redo the space? Isn't it sad when you get sooooo old that simply leaving the house becomes a chore. I need to snap out of it. The weather is wonderful, my arms and legs still work, and my booth is calling me. (probably calling me alot of bad things-but calling me non the less). The sales are still going on until the end of the month. So if anyone is near Ft Worth or even in Texas for that matter-come and check it out. You won't be disappointed and the tearoom is to die for.....Off I go, I think.....


  1. I tell ya...I am feeling my age creep up on me this year for sure... in the past I could paint, garden, clean and make a great dinner all in one day! I love the Hat ! I have sold many old nice to display..the two cherubs talking cracked me up! If my Shop had booths like yours and a tea room.. I would be there EVERY day!

  2. Oh get up girl! If I lived any closer, we'd go have tea together and I'd help you redecorate. Well, no I wouldn't help you as I'd probably lay on that beautiful "show" bed and just admire the beauty all around me in your little booth!
    Go ahead...get up and GO!!!!

    everything vintage

  3. I love, love, love your work. I even have an urge to go all the way to Texas to see this magical place you are showing me!
    Tell me about the mirror tiles and rock, please.
    I'm off to get me some of that aged oak minwax stuff!

  4. I would love to come shopping but I think the cost of gas from SC to Texas might take all of my spending money:) I could sure spend some money in your booth though!



  5. The mirror tiles are available at Lowes and are either beveled or not. The beveled edged ones are twice the price. You simply get a bag of small rocks/pebbles cover the mirror with the rocks and spray paint over the whole thing. Of course the rocks will be black but you can reuse them. Mine looked kinda leopardy, but I want the cloudy old look so I have to keep practicing. The spray paint is Rustoleum black Satin.....Good luck!!!