Tuesday, April 21, 2009

~ The G Spot ~

" Erin and Norma's Booth "
" Lisa's Booth "

" Susan's Booth "

" Melissa and Jennifer's Booth "

" Carly's Booth "

Thought the title was kinda catchy and in this case the G stands for Golightly's. After spending my morning staining my furniture, I felt I deserved a break and what better place to visit that my old haunt- Golightly's Antiques. After gossiping and catching up with old friends, my daughter and I strolled the shop to see all the new changes and the new dealers booths. Of course there are still the same OLD dealers (just kidding), but there appear to be some new faces on the block. Can't wait till all is settled. Here's a peek at some of the booths......


  1. Ok I really need to know how you girls sell your items. I would want to keep them all after you do such a great job in making them look so wonderful!!
    I have trouble falling in love with the things I buy for my booth. So tell me please how do you all do it?

  2. Oh Girl I love Susan booth the best..thanks for sharing..you need to come see me some time..I always come by here..may you have a great Texas day...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria ps I have antiques also but Victorian...

  3. Hi there....I have been reading your blog because Pat of MyTatteredElegance directed me to it....would love to have you visit my blog at collectedtreasures.blogspot.com and stop by the store sometime.....people tell me it reminds them of Golightlys, so I just had to post a comment. Our flea market is May 9th with 35 dealers behind my store....stop by if you can...would love to meet you....I like your style :) jana

  4. Hi Tiina, Another wonderful post filled to the brim with beautiful places to visit. I couldn't possibly pick a favorite here. They are all so great. Thank you for your visits. I loved the story about your rump in the looking glass.
    Hugs, June

  5. Well, what's not to love about your blog?! I love your prior post on staining.....buying that gel very soon! And, well, these spaces are absolutely beautiful.....things must fly out the door!

  6. Love the title of this post! Very intriguing to say the least ;)

    All of the booth's are beautiful!!!!!!

    everything vintage

  7. These booths are all decadent..and I mean that in the best possible way.. I will be posting pictures of my bedroom soon, Allergies are a killer right now since we had a wind storm..combined with pollen..( not a good thing) but I did get my FIRST Manneguin!!!! I fell in love with your pictures and I pictured finding one! and I did! She was sitting in a dusty barn half of her torso peeking out and I thought it would be too expensive... the guy said $39..I said sold!!!I love her I have so much fun dressing her and draping linens and jewlery..I will add a pictures of " Chloe" so you can see
    and my half finished project....

  8. Gorgeous!!

    I am addicted to Vintage and thought I could buy then resell but ended up keeping everything!

    Can't wait to grab Mom and visit your place.

    What magazine were you in a few months back?

  9. Oh Gee! These are amazing booths! Thanks for sharing! Now can you give us some more tips on painting? Just love what you do!

  10. Meow! I am purring just looking at all those yummy things. I'll take any of those beds!
    ox lulu

  11. Wish I lived close so I could shop in those lovely booths!!