Wednesday, April 1, 2009

~ Heavenly Hutches ~

I have said my goodbyes to Golightly's and am heading for Lone Star Antiques. I just picked up a gallon of paint and a few rollers and I will be getting ready to paint in a few short hours. School is out early today-kinda wished that it would have been an April's fools joke-but it wasnt. My youngest will have to cope and accompany her mom to check out the new booth and start planning. I'm thinking whitish cream stained walls with dark trim and french script projected and then painted on the walls-we will see. It always seems to be a work in progress until I start going. Usually I am pleased with the end result .In the meantime, I decided to post some pictures of what I call heavenly hutches.....


  1. the last hutch is my fave. omg.... its beautiful!

  2. The hutches are wonderful. And your idea about your new booth sounds fabulous...can't wait to see it.

  3. Tiina, where inside Lone Star will your booth be located? The booth in progress sounds magnifique!
    Can't wait til you're done. Let me know and I will get there as soon as I can. I'm thinking - lunch in the tearoom!!! Love that pretzel bread that they serve up sandwiches on...getting hungry just thinking about it.

  4. Gorgeous hutches!!

    Thanks fro sharing.

    Looking forward to your new 'place'.

    Barbara Jean

  5. Your blog is absolutely beautiful! I call this the "Heirloom Look". So peaceful, so tranquil! My friend, Marlene, gave me your site, and I am so happy to be a follower. Come visit my sight. Yesterday was my first blog.....I am a newbie at this, but want to share my ideas and learn new ones!

  6. I love the hutches! very creative..use of things
    other than dishes...I have been wanting to take a try at creating a new look with mine! and of course feature more creams with my whites!!! I really like the use of photos and prints
    Marlene from Cambria !

  7. You've done some spectacular postings since i have been here...I need to spend some extra time to view it all, what a treat. Thanks for all the time you take to share these wonderful booths, displays, and things you do, much appreciated!I won't stay away so long...running a shop keeps me going constantly!