Monday, April 6, 2009

~ The "F" Word ~

" Dreamy whites, blacks, and silvers...."
" I guess this shopper couldn't wait to dive into the clothes. Seeing as though she left her clothes at home, she must have been planning this all along. Wonder if anyone recognizes her? Judging from the part we are seeing, I hope it is only her husband that can."

" There must be something going around. This lady thinks that she is hiding-what in the world! Is there something about coming to the Funky Monkey without your clothes? Boy! Once this gets out every man in Keller is going to be here. I can see it now, men lined up all over the block spraying Binaca in their mouths and hoping to hand out their numbers. Straightening their ties and combing their hair. Bragging about the size of their tattoos! Shame on you!"

"This shopper is totally exhausted. Thank goodness Amy has a spare bed for just this reason. And again did you notice- not wearing any clothes. At least she had the decency to come in her underwear, although it looks as if they haven't been washed in months. I wonder if Amy is used to this type of behavior? I guess the old saying "it takes all kinds" sums it up."

" This shopper got stuck trying to out run another shopper. I saw the whole thing. Both sprinting in the direction of the new belts. I am not sure who tripped who, but this is the end result. Sometimes we get more than bargained for. This lady broke a few of Amy's candles when she was flying through the air in mid trip so Amy is now using her as a display on Tuesdays and Thursdays to pay back her debt. I wonder if it is hard for her to breath upside down stuck in a dresser? I guess if Amy needs to talk to her she will have to open the top drawer. "

In this case the "F" word is funky. I went to Funky Monkey with my daughter a few weeks ago and here is what we saw. Amazing displays and vignettes along with glorious vintage pieces and broken mannequins. It takes an amazing and innovative person to display the way Amy does. It never ceases to astonish me in the best of ways.....Clothes, jewelry, purses, candles, and various vintage items fill the entire store. And the great thing about this shop is that it never looks the same way twice. The only thing I see repeating here is the customers-some of which do some odd things......