Tuesday, March 31, 2009

~ Before and After ~


I am off to Golightly's to work all day. Today is my last day there. Will be working on getting my booth started at Lone Star Antiques starting tomorrow-I will post some pics of the progress. In the meantime I thought I would post a before and after of a vanity I repainted a bit. I am hoping that it is not tooooo girly. I always try to paint furniture that can be compatible to other pieces...I mixed the light blue because I am heading back to the blue tones. The picture is not the greatest because you are looking at my dining room which is filled with all my booth projects. So excuse the mess....Have a great day!!!!


  1. Beautiful job !!! I love the contrast..I wish I could paint free hand like that..I love it!...
    I just bought a old gentlemans dresser (thats what the lady called it) only $40.00!!!in a garage sale..I will post it on my blog.. I would love your ideas on it!!! I would love to paint it..but of course every man comes in my house says no...I thought to do it in the beige and gel stain you did for your headboard...what do you think????? Marlene in Cambria

  2. Hi! I recognized the name Golightlys as a shop I go to quite often. I'll have to check out your new booth in Lonestar.

  3. great job!! i would be proud to have the before or after in my home.
    the pillows in your header are what i envy. they are so pretty!!!

  4. you have a beautiful blog, and I've been perusing for the last hour. It was an hour well spent!

  5. I have a dresser almost exactly the same....thanks for the idea!

  6. WOW Tiina, That is really REALLY pretty. Great Job. Hugs, Patricia

  7. You have the coolest stuff...I love the baby mannequin with the lampshade on it's head...that is just so creative...took a few snapshots because I didn't want to forget. Good luck at your new location...I know you'll do well!

  8. Hello Sepia Dreams! Sorry I could not find your real name on your blog anywhere. Came across your blog and have had such a blast looking at all of your fun before and after projects!

    I need some advice, since you don't seem to be shy at all about painting anything "brown"! LOL. I recently bought a desk that I want to paint white and don't have a clue about how to go about it... It is wood with veneer. Do you use spray paint? Do I need to paint it with that Kiltz primer first?

    Any help and guidance would be sincerely appreciated!

    Wish I lived near Texas to visit your lovely booth at Lone Star! Keep up the good work! Your a natural!

    xoxo Valerie