Thursday, May 21, 2009

~ Strolling Along ~

" Jennifer "
" Denis "

" Lydia "

" Funky Monkey "

Since I am still unable to load my original pictures for the blog that should have happened yesterday, I will try some other ones. I took a little stroll through Lone Star the other day and was amazed at the varity of items people have. The differences in the booths are also amazing. I am glad that everyone is unique in their own way and especially in their styles. Makes the world much more colorful and fun.....Although my heart belongs to the creams,whites and sepia tones-I always love to take a walk on the wild side.....


  1. I love Lone Star and I love The Funky Monkey! Thanks for posting us on your wonderful Blog!

  2. You are more than welcome Denis....Hugzzz...Tiina...

  3. Lydia's picture just gave me an idea...the wooden oak mirror holder on the wall that is hanging upside down...well I have a few, and have been holding off waiting for the matching dressers for them.
    Instead I will hang upside down right up against the ceiling and use the towel bar for hanging old quilts! taa dah! Thanks for posting them today.
    I have been loading a uhaul with humanitarian items for my daughter to take into mexico today, so I am worn out...
    Even in our most tired moments we can get inspiration from one another, isnt that interesting?

  4. I love Amy and the Funky Monkey. One of my favorite places. I just don't get over to that neck of the woods very often.

  5. absolutely gorgeous. wish i lived there.