Saturday, May 23, 2009

~ Baby Steps ~

I adore old baby shoes. Is it me or are the nicer ones getting harder to find and more expensive? Lynn has a fondness for shoes as well, thank goodness so I can take pictures and show you.....So sweet and tiny...


  1. Just love your blog.. So much wonderful things and ideas. It really is "Dreamin in Cream!"..
    It is pure inspiration and I come visit often..
    Thank you for the wonderful "Eye Candy".. Love the baby shoes.. so sweet.. You are doing a "Great Job"...

  2. I saw the first shoes on top, and my mind ran away. Who wore them? How long ago and where have they been since they were worn? Why did the wearer wear them so long past their prime? (so to speak)

  3. I too love baby shoes...especially ones that belong to my daughter. I enjoy visiting your blog. Happy Weekend! Lisa

  4. I have the little white pair of shoes that 4 of my 6 children all wore. They hang from a hook in my living room. Every time I see them it makes me smile.

  5. Love all those old shoes.
    There are some very unique ones there.

    Barbara jean

  6. That such old shoes can be looking so great?!?!
    gr. Anna

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  8. Chrissy,
    Love what you did with all the shoes, and the cream bowls for collections is wonderful.

    blessings and thanks.
    Nice to have you back.
    Barbara jean