Monday, May 18, 2009

~ Small Details ~

" Lynn's decked out dresser......"
" Lisa's beautifully upholstered child's chair....."

" Melissa and Jennifer's Centerpiece..."

" Bobbette's beautiful original painting....."

" Lisa's full table......"

Spent all day painting yesterday to load up my booth at Lone Star. It was a good weekend with most of my furniture selling. (Thank goodness!) While at Golightly's the other day I captured a few photos.....


  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures! Perhaps you are the one to ask this question to as you "Dream In Cream"...I am looking for a luxurious cream color to paint my great room, something that doesn't look "dirty". Any great ideas?! ~Stacy~

  2. I love that child's chair! That floral fabric and fringe are beautiful!

  3. Wonderful photos and treasures Tiina,,as usual you show us dreamy goodies. Have a wonderful day.

  4. Love the chair!
    To Utah I go to Kwal-Howell (bountiful and ogden) all the paint contractors go there and I say "what are the best colors that are being used right now" and their quality is the best.
    I never ever use home depot, lowes or walmart paint on walls only for painted furniture projects. And I only use Home depots spray paint for projects.

  5. Hey Girl, Love the pics and glad to hear you sold a lot. Have a great day. Hugs, Patricia

  6. You always have such beautiful treasures to share. Thank you

    Glad your furniture is selling.

    Blessings on your day sweet girl,

    Barbara Jean

  7. I love all the things you showed! And I am so happy for you that your sales at Lone Star are good. We may pop over there on Saturday. We are picking up the Grandsons & they live pretty close to there. Hope you will visit my blog because I am having a give away. Hope to see you Saturday at Lone Star.

  8. What lovely pics and I especially love the chair! What beautiful fabrics!! You have the prettiest treasures ever!

  9. Hi Tinna,
    Love these dreamy, creamy pics. It's no surprise that all your lovely furniture are finding homes. If I lived closer they would be in mine. Happy painting.

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  11. HI, I found your beautiful blog thru the cottage charm giveaway. I have a space in a shop and I sell some of my tags, I noticed in your pics the wire basket you have yours in, what is it or where if you know could I get one. Yours are so organized. Thank you so much,

  12. Good luck Tina - the house can wait! xv